ABVP Supporters attack JNU students watching BBC documentary on PM Modi

DELHI: According to eyewitnesses, students attempting to collectively watch BBC documentary inside JNU were attacked by ABVP elements with stones. Electricity has been snapped in the campus. Students currently protesting at the gate.

A group of students started pelting stones at those screening BBC’s documentary titled India: The Modi Question on their personal devices at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. There has been no electricity at the  campus since 8.30 pm. The JNU Students’ Union was supposed to organise a screening of the documentary at 9 pm. The administration had told students not to screen it.

JNU students started streaming the documentary on personal devices near the Students’ Union office as a sign of protest. They say that there is no internet connection in hostels. They have arranged for speakers and started screening on laptops.

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