Arrested clerics kept instigating youth despite multiple warnings: Vijay Kumar

Srinagar: Clerics arrested under the stringent Public Safety Act (PSA) kept instigating the youth despite several warnings, Kashmir Additional Director General of Police Vijay Kumar said on Sunday.

“We had ample evidence and that is why we had called them several times and tried to convince them not to instigate the youth, the people. When they did not stop, they were booked under the PSA,” Kumar told reporters in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

In the last few days, about half a dozen people, including clerics, have been booked and arrested here under PSA, which the ADGP termed the last resort for the police.

He said the evidence against them can be shared with the media “if need be”.

Asked if there were more clerics on the radar, the officer said the police have evidence against others and will act accordingly.

“We have several instruments other than the PSA. We call them up (clerics) and try to make them understand. If they do not understand, then we act… PSA is the last resort,” he said.

Kumar also claimed there are reports against the banned Jamat-e-Islami (JeI) that it is carrying out activities secretly.

“Maintenance of law and order is not just the responsibility of the police, but everyone, be it civilians, forces or the media. This year, law and order was maintained very well, tourists came, the internet wasn’t shut down, the markets, schools and colleges were not shut. Who benefited from it? It is the society that benefits. We have to maintain this atmosphere,” he said.

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