Bandipora District State Land Encroachment List released, Download PDF

The Jammu and Kashmir government has released a list of state land encroachers for the Bandipora district. The list includes the beneficiaries of the Roshni Act as well as those who have encroached upon state land, which has been declared void ab initio by the Hon’ble High Court in PIL No:19/2011 pronounced on 09-10-2020.

List of Beneficiaries of Roshni Act/Encroachers of State Land

(Declared void ab initio by Hon’ble High Court)in PIL No:19/2011 pronounced on 09-10-2020)

  • Proforma A = Approved & Mutation attested thereafter
  • Proforma B = Approved but Mutation not attested
  • Proforma C = State land encroachment(recorded in revenue records,other than Roshni)
  • Proforma D = State land encroachment(Physically) but not shown in Revenue records(other than Roshni)

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( No.of Entries )
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( No.of Entries )

According to the list, there are four categories of encroachers in the district. Proforma A includes those whose encroachments have been approved and mutation attested thereafter. Proforma B includes those whose encroachments have been approved but mutation not attested. Proforma C includes those whose encroachments are recorded in revenue records, other than Roshni. Proforma D includes those who have physically encroached upon state land, but their encroachments are not shown in revenue records, other than Roshni.

The release of this list is a significant step towards addressing the issue of land encroachment in the state. The Roshni Act, which was introduced in 2001 to provide legal ownership of state land to the occupants against payment, has been a subject of controversy and criticism. The High Court declared the act void ab initio in 2020, citing irregularities and violations in its implementation.

The government’s move to release the list of encroachers is expected to pave the way for further action to be taken against them. The administration has already initiated the process of retrieving state land from encroachers and has set up special committees to look into the matter.

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