BJP Leader breaks COVID Protocols, holds public gatherings in bandipora

BJP Leader from Tulail, bandipora breaks COVID-19 Protocols, holds public gatherings, Son of BJP Leader Faqir Mohd khan, Aijaz Khan(who is also a DDC Candidate) from Tulail sector was seen holding public meetings in his native village, he was seen asking people to vote him in the upcoming Assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir.

At the same time, Gurez has seen a massive rise in positive cases of Covid-19 patients, few allege that many of these had attended the public meeting of Aijaz Khan.

BJP Leader from tulail, Aijaz khan
BJP Leader Aijaz Mohd Khan campaigning door to door despite COVID Curfew

Despite having all the evidences, the local administration has choose to remain silent and act as a mute spectator.

In the backdrop of the terrible human tragedy unfolding in Jammu Kashmir, a fierce debate is playing out in the media: Did political gatherings contribute to the tsunami of COVID-19 cases that has overwhelmed the rickety healthcare system since the middle of April 2021?

The answer seems obvious. Large gatherings of people without masking and physical distancing, no matter the purpose of the gathering, can transmit the virus that causes COVID-19.

The issue has already reached to the office of DC Bandipora, Congress leader Mir Hamidullah has taken this issue to the media and has demanded strict action against Aijaz Khan and others who were present in the gathering and were seen breaking COVID-19 Protocols.

He further requested people to not fall for BJP’s trap, Today India has the highest no of daily Covid cases in the world and highest no of deaths at the same time, on average 4500+ deaths are been recorded in India said Mir Hamidullah.

Though the Center announced a vaccination drive for all those 18 and above, the implementation on the ground in the state seems to be a task next to impossible, Mir Hamidullah.

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