BJP Leader’s son threatens Tehsildar in North Kashmir

August 10, 2021, Tahir Dar:

A few days back Tehsildar Gurez issued a new Rate list for the cab drivers of Gurez Valley, taking the general public of gurez into consideration tehsildar made some major changes to the rate list.

The Drivers were charging double the actual rate of the routes, the fare they used to charge from Bandipora to Gurez was 500INR for the distance of 75 km.

And the same was been followed for the rest of the routes in Gurez, Tulail, and Bagtore (the three divisions of Gurez valley).

When Tehsil Office Gurez shared the new rate list with both Sumo Stand Association and with the general public of Gurez valley, the locals appreciated his move and thanked him while sharing their happiness on social media, as soon as the rate list and the appreciating messages went viral on social media one of BJP leader from Tulail division took this as an opportunity to gain some followers.

Mr. Aijaz Khan(BJP leader and EX-MLA Faqir Mohd Khan’s son) reached the sumo stand Gurez and forced them to go on indefinite strike and register their protest against the Tehsildar for issuing the new rate list, sources also say that 4 of his friends/relatives are drivers operating from the said sumo stand.

The very next day Aijaz Khan once again reached the sumo stand where the drivers were on strike and started his hate speech, rather than approaching Tehsildar Gurez and making things easy he took this opportunity to spread hatred against the said Tehsildar.

I will kick out this so-called Tehsildar from my land, This land belongs to us and only we can decide what is better for us, nothing should be done here without my permission, I will throw this Tehsildar within minutes by a single call, Civil secretariate is of my people, Tehsildar has no idea about my Father’s approach he said.

Not only this time the said BJP leader has always been seen trying to take credit for any work done by the general administration of Gurez and Bandipora in the valley.

Meanwhile, the Drivers of Sumo Stand Gurez are still on the strike and are demanding changes in the rate list, Tehsildar Gurez has assured both public and the drivers that changes will be made in the rate list wherever they see any need or possibility.

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