BJP Leader distributes Steroids and Expired Drugs among poor people in Bandipora

On 18 June 2021 a team of BJP Wing Gurez Tualil led by DDC Tulail Aijaz Ahmad Khan distributed expired and high dose drugs among the poor people of Shahpora Bala(Chorwan) village and at the same time another team of the BJP members led by Sarpanch of the area distributed the same steroids in Badugam village of Tulail Tehsil.

The team had not taken any permission from any government official of the concerned area and also had not taken any kind of the permission from the concerned Doctors of the areas.

DDC Tulail and BDC Gurez distributing expired drugs among the people of Shahpora Bala Village in Bandipora District.

The distributed Steroids and Drugs are very sensitive and no body expect any medical officer can identify the advantages and disadvantages of the drug.

Self-medication for Covid has turned disastrous. Political leaders must not assume doctors’ role.

Meanwhile Locals and various medical authorities demanded strict action against the self pro-claimed doctor alas DDC Candidate Aijaz Ahmad Khan under The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, commonly referred to as the NDPS Act, is an Act of the Parliament of India that prohibits a person the production/manufacturing/cultivation, possession, sale, purchasing, transport, storage, and/or consumption of any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance.

The combined nervous energy and collective confusion over the prevailing situation have led to an almost compulsive, panic-driven behavioral pattern among the public to rely on various social media platforms that only lead to misinformation about medications and increased use of self-medication, including home remedies, without established safety or efficacy norms. People are confined to their homes and are more vigilant about updates on Covid-19, particularly on treatments and preventive measures. In addition, suggestions that may come from friends, family, neighbors, pharmacists, and prescriptions from other Covid-positive patients have made this phenomenon take a disastrous turn.

Generally speaking, self-medication is defined as the selection and utilization of medicines to treat self-recognized symptoms or ailments without consulting a physician. The most commonly self-prescribed medications are analgesics, antipyretics, antitussives, antidiarrheals, calcium and vitamin supplements, anabolic steroids, sedatives, certain antibiotics, and many herbal and homeopathic remedies. This rampant and irrational use of medication without medical guidance may result in a greater probability of inappropriate, incorrect, or undue therapy, missed diagnosis, delays inappropriate treatment, pathogen resistance, and increased morbidity.

Thousands are dying horrible deaths of COVID-19 every day in India. The heartbreaking stories of people gasping for oxygen, their relatives running from pillar to post to get a hospital bed, chasing after medicines and desperately calling for help on social media have been well documented.

Less appreciated are the stories of hundreds of thousands who, upon recognizing symptoms suggestive of the disease and receiving the dreaded diagnosis, are running straight into the hands of predatory medical practitioners, who are exploiting this desperation to peddle unproven therapies and order unnecessary tests.

Reported by Umar Mohd Fayaz(Umar is currently pursuing his MTech at the NIT Srinagar)

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