Budgam District State Land Encroachers List released, Download PDF

Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir: The Divisional Kashmir has released the much-anticipated list of families who have encroached on State land in the district of Budgam. The list, titled “List of Beneficiaries of Roshni Act/Encroachers of State Land,” has been a topic of widespread discussion in the region, as it holds the names of families who have allegedly benefitted from the controversial Roshni Act.

The list of State Land Encroachers for District Budgam has been updated by the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, where people can access all the details related to their lands.

List of Beneficiaries of Roshni Act/Encroachers of State Land

(Declared void ab initio by Hon’ble High Court)in PIL No:19/2011 pronounced on 09-10-2020)

  • Proforma A = Approved & Mutation attested thereafter
  • Proforma B = Approved but Mutation not attested
  • Proforma C = State land encroachment(recorded in revenue records,other than Roshni)
  • Proforma D = State land encroachment(Physically) but not shown in Revenue records(other than Roshni)

Click on the Numbers given in the Table below here to download the PDF in your Mobile or in Laptop.

( No. of Entries )
( No. of Entries )
( No. of Entries )
( No. of Entries )
8 Families PDF4
3628 Families PDF265
1139 Families PDF36 Families PDF52
3493 Families PDF
6733 Families PDF
4422 Families PDF262 Families PDF304
10624 Families PDF1042 Families PDF55
47268 Families PDF100509
57183 Families PDF44951222 Families PDF
66111 Families PDF463
468667 Families PDF

The Roshni Act, which was enacted in 2001, aimed to provide ownership rights to individuals and families who had been occupying State land for a considerable period of time. The Act was repealed in 2018, following widespread criticism and allegations of corruption. The release of the list by the Divisional Kashmir is seen as a step towards reclaiming the State land that has been illegally occupied over the years.

According to official sources, the list contains the names of thousands of families who are currently occupying State land in Budgam. The list has been published in all leading newspapers of the region and is also available on the official website of the Divisional Kashmir.

The Divisional Kashmir has stated that the families listed in the publication are expected to vacate the State land they have been occupying and return it to the government. The authorities have warned that legal action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the directives.

The release of the list has generated mixed reactions in the region, with some hailing it as a long-overdue move towards reclaiming State land, and others expressing concern about the impact it may have on the families listed.

The release of the “List of Beneficiaries of Roshni Act/Encroachers of State Land” marks a significant step in the government’s efforts to reclaim State land that has been illegally occupied in Budgam. The authorities have made it clear that the families listed are expected to comply with the directives and vacate the State land they have been occupying. The government’s efforts towards a fair and transparent process are being closely watched by the citizens of the region.

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