ChatGPT on WhatsApp, How to integrate Chatgpt with WhatsApp? How to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp?

ChatGPT on WhatsApp

Daniel Gross, an entrepreneur based in the United States and the co-founder of Cue, which was acquired by Apple, has integrated GPT-3.5, which is used to build ChatGPT, into an AI-enabled WhatsApp assistant. Gross was able to converse with the bot as if it were a friend from his contact list by integrating GPT-3.5 into WhatsApp. He refers to it as WhatsApp-GPT. Gross claims that he used the golang library to run WhatsApp from a phone and “ChatGPT” simultaneously from a browser. He also mentions the possibility that it might not work the first time. However, it should be noted that the ChatGPT official API is not yet available. Varun Mayya, a tech influencer, also made a similar announcement on Twitter. He stated, “Announcing God in a Box, a direct GPT-3.5 implementation in WhatsApp.” Our implementation uses a brand-new model and API and does not require credentials, unlike other implementations. You will require a beta key as we launch tonight. However, even if you do not possess the beta key, you can still join the waitlist. In just a few short days, ChatGPT has amassed a million users and taken over the internet. The fact that ChatGPT is able to explain codes and scientific concepts, write fundamental academic essays, and even write scripts for rom-com is what makes it so impressive.
The model is now available for free use in its Beta version. However, OpenAI’s founder, Sam Altman, stated that the model could be monetized for as little as one cent per chat on average. He also said that “the compute costs are eye-watering” and that monetization is especially important.
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How to integrate Chatgpt with WhatsApp?

A brand-new AI chatbot called ChatGPT can answer questions and write essays. Since it was made available by OpenAI last month, ChatGPT has gained a lot of traction. It is the most recent advancement in the field of generative AI, and the IT industry has invested billions of dollars in it. Access the WhatsApp Business API to connect ChatGPT and WhatsApp to create a WhatsApp bot. ChatGPT and WhatsApp can be integrated with two ways:

  1. Create a WhatsApp bot and link it to ChatGPT
  2. By setting your WhatsApp number using a Python script and launching ChatGPT at the exact time

Build A WhatsApp Bot

Register WhatsApp Business API > Create a flow for the chat > Utilize a chat builder > Test your chatbot > Put the API chatbot on your mobile phone.

Get OpenAI API 

Create an OpenAI account > Go to the API key page > Create a unique secret key

Use OpenAI API to Connect it to Your WhatsApp Bot

To connect ChatGPT to WhatsApp, you must now use the OpenAI API. However, you must do so at your own risk because Whatsapp may block you if it determines that the integration is fake.
Consequently, ChatGPT responds to queries posed by WhatsApp users by using the WhatsApp API. A ChatGPT WhatsApp bot can be obtained in this manner.

By Setting Your WhatsApp Number Using a Python Script and Launching ChatGPT at the Same Time

Download the code from GitHub, extract the zip file, run in the terminal, type ls and press enter, then type “python” and press enter for verification, and ChatGPT will be added to your WhatsApp account.
Daniel, a researcher, came up with this method and wrote a Python script for it. You can use the go language library to learn how to use ChatGPT in WhatsApp to easily set up your WhatsApp number.
Step 1: By clicking the download button, you can download the code from GitHub.
Step 2: Your file will be downloaded when you click “download zip.”
Step 3: Now, use the terminal to run the “Whatsapp-get-main” file.
Step 4: Execute the file “” in the terminal now.
Step 5: Hit enter after entering “ls.”
Step 6: After that, type “python”
Step 7: The OpenAI chat page is now automatically associated with your phone number.
Step 8: Select the box labeled “Verify I am a human.”
Step 9: OpenAI ChatGPT can now be found in your WhatsApp account.
Step 10: You can get ChatGPT on WhatsApp by asking the bot questions, and it will respond to you.

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What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

An automated software known as a WhatsApp chatbot engages your customers on the WhatsApp platform by employing either pre-programmed rules or artificial intelligence. To interact intelligently with your customers, Engati’s WhatsApp chatbots make use of AI and our own proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine. You can use them to answer questions about your products and services from customers, share content, increase sales, and send notifications about orders, payments, shipping, and other things. Using the WhatsApp Business API, intelligent WhatsApp business chatbots communicate with customers, employees, students, and other types of users without requiring human intervention.
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Why create your own WhatsApp Chatbot?

If you only have a small number of customers, you might be able to get by responding to each message by hand. However, this will become more difficult as your business expands. Even if you only have a small number of customers, manually answering every question still has one major drawback: it takes too long. You won’t be able to respond to your customers’ inquiries right away. As a result, they won’t always receive an answer when they want it. That never works out well. That places you in a more difficult position if you work in eCommerce or retail. Lack of immediate responses causes 53% of online shoppers to abandon their carts. Therefore, you ought to develop a WhatsApp business chatbot if you want content customers and to prevent cart abandonment.
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OpenAI created and released the artificial intelligence chatbot known as ChatGPT in November 2022. It has been fine-tuned (an approach to transfer learning) using both supervised and reinforcement learning methods on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models. On November 30, 2022, ChatGPT debuted as a prototype. It quickly attracted attention due to its clear and in-depth responses to a wide range of questions. However, a major drawback has been identified as its inconsistent factual accuracy. In 2023, OpenAI’s valuation was estimated to be US$29 billion following the release of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT on WhatsApp- FAQs

Is ChatGPT available on WhatsApp?

Finally, users need to enter “python” to set up their contact number automatically on the OpenAI chat page. Once this is done, they can find ChatGPT on their WhatsApp account and test out the feature. The benefits of integrating ChatGPT into WhatsApp are clear

What is ChatGPT WhatsApp?

ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that can communicate with humans in a natural and human-like way. A new development has allowed the chatbot to integrate with WhatsApp, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging platform in the world.

Can we integrate ChatGPT?

Developers can now integrate ChatGPT and Whisper models into their apps and products through our API.

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