‘Chinese intrusion attempts in Arunachal to collect rare Himalayan herb’

According to IPCSC, Cordyceps harvest has waned in China in the last few years which resulted in shortage of this medicinal fungus.

It is brown in colour and is up to two inches long. It is found in the Himalayan regions at an altitude of three to five thousand meters.

In India it is known as ‘Kida Jadi’ while in Nepal and China it is called ‘Yarsagumba’, while in Tibet its name is ‘Yarsaganbu’.

Cordyceps’ scientific name is ‘Ophiocordyceps sinensis’, while in English it is called ‘caterpillar fungus’.

The value of per kg of ‘caterpillar fungus is up to Rs 10-12 lakh in the international market.

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