Deeksha, a female food blogger from Jammu and Kashmir

Meet Deeksha, a female food blogger from Jammu and Kashmir.

Hailing from the Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir she is also a travel enthusiast
While talking with the media outlets, she said I spend my full time either cooking at home or experimenting with the flavors of food by trying out different cuisines and restaurants.

With my Social Media channels, I recreate and share with others the same authentic, traditional taste of my city that I have experienced growing up along with the city’s numerous delicacies like Rajma Chawal, Daal Ambal, Dum Aaloo, Rogan Joshan, Goshtaba & many more.

I hope you enjoy the food as much as I enjoy making it! You can check out my content on Instagram & Facebook at @theletdiaries & spread the word among people you know and support your own Jammu girl!

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