Delhi govt extends electricity subsidy application deadline to Nov 15

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday approved the extension proposal application window till November 15.

The applicants who opt-in for the subsidy by November 15 can avail the benefit from October 1 onwards.

According to the data by the government, a total of 58 lakh electricity consumers are in Delhi out of which 47 lakh consumers have received the subsidy and 35 lakh consumers have opted-in so far.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: “The last date for registration for the free electricity scheme in Delhi has now been extended till November 15; Delhi residents who register till November 15 will continue to get the benefit of free electricity scheme.”

About 35 lakh consumers had applied for the subsidy in the given time period by the Delhi government. Whereas the total number of people getting subsidy on electricity was about 47 lakh.

“Delhi government provides 200 units of electricity absolutely free to all the residents in Delhi, while from 201 to 400 units, half the rate is charged. There are about 58 lakh domestic consumers in Delhi. Out of this, 47 lakh electricity consumers get subsidy. At the same time, out of these 47 lakh consumers, there are about 30 lakh consumers whose electricity bills come to zero, while the electricity bills of 16 to 17 lakh consumers come as per half rates,” said a statement from the Delhi Deputy CM office.

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