GMC Srinagar Recruitment 2023 for New Vacancies, Apply Online Now

GMC Srinagar Recruitment

In a significant development, the Government Medical College, Srinagar, has announced exciting job opportunities for eligible candidates in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The recruitment drive is for various positions on a contractual basis, tied to the completion of the project titled “Assessment of unmet needs and access to assistive technologies among the general population through digital rATA tool- a cross-sectional survey in India.” In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the recruitment process, the available positions, essential qualifications, and the application procedure.

In a significant move towards advancing healthcare research, the Government Medical College, Srinagar, has opened the doors for qualified individuals from the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The recruitment drive, tied to the completion of a vital research project, beckons candidates to apply for various positions on a contractual basis. Let’s delve into the specifics of this promising opportunity.

Vacant Positions and Emoluments:

Project Coordinator – Monthly Emoluments Rs 28,000/-

Essential Qualification and Experience Requirements

To qualify for the role of Project Coordinator, candidates must possess a graduate degree in Social Work or Sociology, with a minimum of one year of technical experience. The monthly emolument, including 18% HRA, is set at Rs 28,000/-. The reporting date for the interview is 30th November, 2023, with the reporting time being 10:00 AM.

Project Technical Support-I – Monthly Emoluments Rs 18,000/-

Essential Qualification and Experience Criteria

Aspiring candidates for the position of Project Technical Support-I must hold a 10th Pass certificate along with a Diploma in MLT/DMLT/ITI and a two-year experience in the relevant field. The monthly emolument, including 18% HRA, is Rs 18,000/-. The reporting date for the interview is also 30th November, 2023, with a reporting time of 10:00 AM.

Interview/Personal Discussion Details:

Date, Time, and Venue Information

The interviews for both positions will take place on 30th November, 2023, at the Department of Community Medicine (SPM), Government Medical College, Srinagar. The reporting time is 10:00 AM.

Terms & Conditions:

Contractual Nature of the Positions

These positions are purely contractual for a period of one year or till the completion of the project. Selected candidates will not have any claim for a permanent post following the completion of the contractual engagement. An affidavit, duly attested by the 1st Class Judicial Magistrate, is mandatory, affirming that the candidate will not claim any regular appointment in the future based on this engagement.

Termination and Notice Period

Engagement can be terminated immediately if the contractual employee willfully neglects or refuses to perform duties. A one-month notice period is mandatory for both parties in case of abandonment or termination, failing which remuneration for one month will not be paid.

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Qualifications and Experience

All candidates must have educational qualifications and certificates from recognized boards or universities. Experience gained should preferably be from government organizations and will be counted after the minimum essential qualification is completed. Candidates from the Pulwama district will be given preference.

Application Process:

Online Application Instructions

To apply, candidates need to follow the instructions available on the Government Medical College, Srinagar website ( Online application forms will be available from 20th November, 2023, from 10:00 AM, to 22nd November, 2023, up to 04:00 PM.

Key Dates for Application Submission

Candidates are required to apply online through the official website within the specified window. The cutoff date for document acceptance is stressed, and candidates should ensure they possess all necessary documents in original form.

Document Verification and Selection Process:

Importance of Original Documents

During document verification, candidates must present all requisite certificates/documents in their original form. No documents issued beyond the cutoff date will be accepted.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be shortlisted based on interview performance, with preference given to candidates from the Pulwama district.

The GMC Srinagar Recruitment 2023 presents a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to a crucial research project while gaining valuable experience in the healthcare domain. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply online before the deadline and be part of a transformative initiative.

GMC Srinagar Posting of Newly Selected Junior Pharmacists / Medical Assistants 2023

GMC Srinagar Selection List 2023

In the bustling heart of Srinagar, significant strides in the healthcare sector have been taken by the Government Medical College (GMC). The recent appointment order, No: 787-AH of 2023, dated 21-10-2023, has ushered in a new era of healthcare services in the region.

This directive, instigated by JKSSB recommendation vide No. SSB/Sel/Secy/2023/819-23 dated 18-08-2023, and subsequent Administrative Department (H&ME) communication No: ME-NG/489/2023-02 dated 01-09-2023, signifies the arrival of a cohort of dedicated Junior Pharmacists and Medical Assistants.

GMC Srinagar Junior Pharmacist Selection List 2023
GMC Srinagar Junior Pharmacist Selection List 2023
GMC Srinagar Junior Pharmacist Selection List 2023

GMC Srinagar BSc Degree Courses 2023 Classes to Start from 1st of November

GMC Srinagar

In a momentous announcement, the Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar has set the stage for an exciting academic year for the aspiring paramedics of the B.Sc degree courses, Batch 2023. This announcement comes through a notification, No. 086 BOPEE OF 2023 Dated: 24-09-2023, where it’s stated that the classwork for the 1st Year B.Sc Paramedical Degree Courses Batch -2023 will commence from 01/11/2023 at 10:30 AM. This marks a significant milestone for all the students who have been eagerly waiting to kickstart their academic journey.

Understanding the Importance of the Announcement: The notification brings a wave of anticipation and excitement among the students who have been selected for the B.Sc Paramedical Degree Courses. It signifies the beginning of an enriching educational odyssey at one of the esteemed institutions in the region.

BSc Nursing Previous year Question Paper PDF

BSc Nursing Previous year Question Paper

BSc Nursing Previous year Question Paper, Also download its PDF Version from the Link given in this Post, BSc Nursing Entrance Paper, Nursing Entrance test paper, BSc Nursing old question papers.

1). Trisomic Condition of Down’s Syndrome
arises due to:
A. Triploidy
B. Crossing Over
C. Non-disjunction
D. Dicentric bridge formation

2). Which of the following experiments
suggests that living organisms
simplest could not have originated
spontaneously from non-living matter?
A. Meat was not spoiled when heated and kept sealed in a vessel
B. Microbes did not appear in stored meat
C. Microbes appeared from unsterilized organic matter
D. Larvae could appear in decaying organic matter

3). The evolution of similar characters in genetically
unrelated species as they are subjected to similar
environmental selective pressure is
A. Homoplasy
B. Heteroplasy
C. Adaptive radiation
D. Adaptation

4). Given: 1 = natural selection; 2 = variations and their
Inheritance; 3 = survival of the fittest; 4 = struggle for existence.
According to Darwinism, which of the following represents the correct
The sequence of events in the origin of new species?
A. 3,4,1,2
B. 2,3,1,4
C. 1,2,3,4
D. 4,2,3,1

5). The correct sequence of stages in the
The evolution of the modern man(Homo sapiens) is
A. Homo erects, Australopithecus, Neanderthal man, Cro-magnon man, modern man
B. Neanderthal man, Australopithecus, cro-magnon man, homo erectus, modern man
C. Australopithecus, Neanderthal man, Cro-magnon man, Homo erectus, modern man
D. Australopithecus, Homo erectus, Neanderthal man, cro-magnon man, modern man

6). Viral diseases have no cure because
A. Viruses have no cell wall
B. Viruses can multiply repeatedly within the host cell
C. Presence of capsid
D. Viruses Possess no cytoplasm

7). In lac insect the lac is produced from
A. Abdominal Glands
B. Dermal Glands
C. Salivary Glands
D. None of the Above

8). Compare the statements A and B
Statement A: Ranikhet disease is the disease of poultry.
Statement B: It is caused by a virus
Select the Correct description
A. Statement A is wrong and B is correct
B. Both statements A and B are wrong
C. Both statements A and B are correct
D. Statement A is correct and B is wrong

9). Technique of production of monoclonal antibodies was developed by
A. Fredrich Miescher
B. Bentham and Hooker
C. Milstein and Kohler
D. Watson and Crick

10). Smoking addiction is harmful because it produces
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which cause
A. Cancer
B. Increase in Blood pressure
C. Reduction in Oxyden
D. Retardation of growth of the foetus

11). Asexual reproductive structure of Hydra is
A. Gemmule
B. Bud
C. Conidia
D. None of the above

12). Which one of the following is not a primary egg membrane?
A. Vitelline membrane
B. Albuminous jelly
C. Jelly envelope
D. Zona pellucid

13). Both corpus luteum and macula lutea are
A. Found in human ovaries
B. A source of the hormone
C. Characterized by a yellow colour
D. Contributory in maintaining pregnancy

14). Correct sequence of hormone secretion from
The beginning of menstruation is
A. FSH, Progesterone, Estrogen
B. Estrogen, FSH, Progesterone
C. FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone
D. Estrogen, Progesterone, FSH

15). The process of release of spermatozoa from Sertoli cells
into the cavity of the seminiferous tubule is called
A. Spermiogenesis
B. Spermatogenesis
C. Spermatocytogenesis
D. Spermiation

16). Amniocentesis detects
A. Deformity in brain
B. Deformity in heart
C. Hereditary disease
D. All of these

17). Which of the following statements is the most
appropriate for sickle anaemia?
A. lt cannot be treated with iron supplements
B. lt is a molecular disease
C. it confers resistance to acquiring malaria
D. All of the above

18). A family has 5 daughters. The probability of 6th child being a girl will be
A. 1 in 2
B. 1 in 5
C. 1 in 3
D. 1 in 6

19). Which of the following is sex-linked in human beings?
A. Colour blindness
B. Hepatitis
C. Night blindness
D. Malignancy

20). Sex Chromosome X & Y were discovered by
A. Stevens and Wilson
B. Bridges
C. Mc Clung
D. Henking

21). Which of the following traits is not characteristic of amphibians?
A. Thin, scaleless skin
B. Usually requires water for reproduction
C. Amniote eggs
D. Skin is used as a supplementary respiratory organ.

22). Members of class Reptilia are
A. Homoiothermic and Amniotic
B. Homoiothermic & Anamniotic
C. Poikilothermic and Amniotic
D. Poikilothermic and Anamniotic

23). Kaziranga National Park is situated in
A. Assam
B. Orissa
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Andhra Pradesh

24). The term Protoplasm was coined by
A. Purkinje
B. Dujardin
C. Hugo van Mohl
D. Robert Hook

25). The cell theory was propounded by
A. Mendel
B. Schleiden and Schwann
C. De Breze
D. Darwin

26). Transcription and translation are normally
Involved in
A. Flow of extrinsic information
B. Multiplication of DNA
C. Synthesis of RNA
D. Flow of intrinsic information

27). An Acidic amino acid is
A. Leucine
B. Lysine
C. Aspartic acid
D. Methionine

28). Flagella of prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells differ in
A. Location in cell and mode of functioning
B. Microtubular organization and type of movement
C. MicroTubular organization and functioning
D. Type of movement and placement in cell

29). Cell recognition and adhesion is facilitated by certain
Components of the cell membrane.
These components are generally
A. Proteins and Lipids
B. Glycoproteins and glycolipids
C. Lipids only
D. Proteins only

30). Golgi apparatus takes part in
A. Carbohydrate synthesis
B. Lipid synthesis
C. Protein synthesis
D. Oxidative phosphorylation

31). “Taxonomy without phylogeny is like bones without
flesh” was remarked by
A. John Hutchinson
B. Takhtajan
C. Oswald Tippo
D. Bentham and Hooker

32). What is universal for sponges?
A. Marine
B. Calcareous spicules
C. Radial symmentry
D. High regenerative power

33). The mesogloea is
A. Party cellular and partly fibrous
B. Neither cellular nor fibrous
C. Only fibrous
D. Cellular

34). When cysticerci are present in pork it is called
A. Cysticercosis
B. Bladder worm
C. Hydatid cyst
D. Measly pork

35). The roundworm can be called specialized and not
degenerate with reference to parasitism because
A. It has a thick cuticle over its body which is resistant to the digestive juice of the host
B. It has a straight and uncoiled alimentary canal
C. Respiratory organs are absent
D. It is dioecious

36). Nephridia of earthworm are analogous to
A. Trachea of insects
B. Gills of prawn
C. Nematoblasts of Hydra
D. Flame cells of Dugesia

37). What is common between silverfish,
Scorpion, crab and honey bee?
A. Compound eye
B. Poison gland’
C. Jointed legs
D. Metamorphosis

38). Among the following, an unmatched group is
A. Sea pen, sea fan, coral and swimming bell
B. Cuttle fish, shell fish, devil fish and squid
C. Sea star, sea urchin, sea anemone and sea cow
D. Globe fish, rat fish, gold fish and pipe fish

39). Autotomy is observed in
A. Feather star
B. Starfish
C. Sea Cucumber
D. Starfish and Feather Star

40). The heart of fishes is called venous or branchial heart because
A. The heart sends blood to veins
B. The heart contains only non aerated venous blood
C. The heart contains only aerated venous blood
D. The heart sends aerated blood to gills

41). Which of the following is Lucas reagent?
A. ZnCl2/con HCL
B. Br2/CCL4
C. Ammoniacal silver nitrate
D. Cold Alkaline KMnO4

42). Which one of the following compounds converts
Methyl magnesium Iodide to methane in one step?
A. C2H4
C. C2H5OC2H5

43). The enthalpy of fusion of water is 1.435 kcal/mol.
The molar entropy change for the melting of ice at 0 0C is
A. 5.260cal/(molK)
B. 0.526cal/(molK)
C. 10.52cal/(molK)
D. 21.04cal/molK)

44). Substance which is used to bring down the temperature
in high fever condition are called
A. Antiseptics
B. Anti-Inflammatory
C. Anti-bodies
D. Antipyretics

45). The density (in gmL”1) of a 3.60 M sulphuric acid
the solution that is 29% H2SO4(molar mass=98 g mol-1) by mass will be
A. 1.64
B. 1.88
C. 1.22
D. 1.95

46). In the equation of state of an ideal gas PV=n RT, the value of the
Universal gas constant would depend only on
A. The nature of the gas
B. The pressure of the gas
C. The units of the measurement
D. None of the above

47). The value of ∆H and S of a certain reaction is
-400 kj mol-1 and -20 kj Mol-1 K-1 respectively.
The temperature below which the reaction is spontaneous is
A. 200K
B. 200c
C. 1000K
D. 1200C

48). XeF2 is isostructural with
A. ICl2-
B. SbCl3
C. BaCl2
D. TeF2

49). What amount of dioxygen (in gram) contains 1.8 1022 molecules?
A. 0.0960
B. 0.960
C. 9.60
D. 96.0

50). 10g of hydrogen and 64g of oxygen were filled in a
steel vessel and exploded. The amount of water produced in
this reaction will be
A. 1mol
B. 2mol
C. 3mol
D. 4mol

51). What is the quantity of electricity (in coulombs)
required to deposit all the silver from
250ml of 1 M AgNO3 solution? (Ag=108)
A. 2412.5
B. 24125
C. 4825.0
D. 48250

52). How many EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)
molecules are required to make an
octahedral complex with a Ca2+ ion?
A. Six
B. Three
C. One
D. Two

53). Which of the following types of metals from
The most efficient catalysts?
A. Alkaline earth metals
B. Transition metals
C. Alkali metals
D. All of the above

54). The solubility of Ca3(PC4)2 in water is
Y moles/litre. Its solubility product is
A. 6y4
B. 36y4
C. 64y5
D. 108y5

55). Which of the following is not permissible?
A. n=4, I=3, m=0
B. n=4, I=2, m=1
C. n=4, I=4, m=1
D. n=4, I=0, m=0

56). What should be the correct IUPAC name for
A. 1-Bromo-I, I-diethylmethane
B. 3-Bromopentane
C. 1-Bromo-I-ethypropane
D. 1-Bromopentane

57). Chlorobenzene is formed by the reaction of chlorine
with benzene in the presence of AlCl3.
Which of the following species attacks the
benzene ring in this reaction?
A. Cl-
B. Cl+
C. Alcl3
D. [AlCl4]-

58). Which of the following statements about primary
Amines are ‘False’?
A. Alkylamines are stronger bases than aryl amines
B. Alkyl amines react with nitrous acid to produce alcohols
C. Aryl amines are stronger bases than ammonia
D. Aryl amines react with nitrous acid to produce nitroarenes

59). The correct order of decreasing acid strength of
Tricholoroacetic acid (A), acetic aicd (B) and formic acid (C) is
A. A>B>C
B. A>C>B
C. B>A>C
D. B>C>A

60). In which of the following reactions new
carbon-carbon bond is formed
A. Cannizzaro reaction
B. Wurtz reaction
C. Aldol condensation
D. Friedel-Crafts reaction

61). Which one of the following is a covalent crystal?
A. Ice
B. Rock Salt
C. Dry salt
D. Quartz

62). 2 gm of a radioactive sample having half
life of 15 days was synthesized on 1st Jan 2017.
The amount of the sample left behind on
1st Mar 2017 (Including both the days)
A. 1gm
B. 0.5gm
C. 0gm
D. 0.125gm

63). The rate law for a reaction between the substances
A and B is given by Rate=K [A]n[B]m.
on doubling the concentration of B,
The ratio of the new rate to the earlier rate of reaction will be
A. m+n
B. n+m
C. 2(n-m)
D. I/(2m+n)

64). Bond order of the following molecules is zero?
A. F2
B. O2
C. Be2
D. Li2

65). For the adsorption phenomenon,
A. ∆H = +ve, ∆S = -ve
B. ∆H = -ve, ∆S = +ve
C. ∆H = -ve, ∆S = -ve
D. ∆H = +ve, ∆S = +ve

66). Heterosis is
A. Phenotypic expression of mutations
B. Method of including mutations
C. Superiority of hybrids over their parents
D. A plant Disease

67). Which of the following chemical is mostly
used for protoplast fusion:
A. Polyethene glycol
B. Sodium acetate
C. Sodium chloride
D. Sorbitol

68). The carting capacity of the population is determined by:
A. Growth rate of population
B. Limiting resources
C. Mortality
D. Natality

69). The biogeochemical cycle which is not gaseous is:
A. Phosphorous cycle
B. Carbon cycle
C. Sulphur cycle
D. Nitrogen cycle

70). Conservation within natural habitat is:
A. In-situ conservation
B. Ex-situ conservation
C. In-vitro conservation
D. Micropropagation

71). If a cell is placed in a sugar solution and no
change occurs in it, the external solution is:
A. Isotonic
B. Hypertonic
C. Hypotonic
D. Colloidal

72). In angiosperms, translocation of sugar occurs in the form of:
A. Sucrose
B. Starch
C. Lactose
D. Glucose

73). Which of the following plant hormone
stimulates growth in internodes?
A. Auxins
B. Gibberellins
C. Cytokinin
D. Abscisic acid

74). Embryo sac develops from:
A. Microspore
B. Megaspore
C. Zygote
D. Funiculus

75). Formation of seedless fruits is called:
A. Parthenocarpy
B. Parthenogenesis
C. Fertilization
D. Geitonogamy

76). The ratio of tall plants in a cross between
heterozygous tall plants and dwarf plants will be:
A. 50%
B. 25%
C. 75%
D. 100%

77). Codon is made up of:
A. Singel nucleotide
B. Two nucleotides
C. Three nucleotides
D. Four nucleotides

78). The enzyme which joins Okazaki fragments is
A. DNA ligase
B. DNA polymerase II
C. RNA polymerase
D. Reverse transcriptase

79). Cheese is produced by:
A. Fermentation
B. Hydrolysis
C. Dehydration
D. All of the above

80). Ethanol is commercially produced by using species of :
A. Alternaria
B. Candida
C. Saccharomyces
D. Puccinia

81). Which of the following are called stone cells?
A. Sclereids
B. Parenchyma
C. Collenchymas
D. Chlorenchyma

82). Which of the following is not correct?
A. Diffusion is a passive process
B. No energy expenditure occurs during diffusion
C. Diffusion is dependent on the living system
D. Diffusion rates are affected by gradient of concentration

83). Which of the following is correct for active transport?
A. It does not require special
B. It is not selective
C. It operates without using energy
D. It results in uphill transport

84). How many electrons are released from water
to release one molecule of oxygen during photosynthesis
A. Four
B. Six
C. Two
D. One

85). Apical dominance occurs due to:
A. Auxins
B. Cytokinins
C. Gibberellins
D. Abscisic acid

86). The innermost layer of anther is
A. Endothecium
B. Exothecium
C. Tapetum
D. Stomium

87). When pistils are fused together, it is called
A. Syncarpous
B. Apocarpous
C. Multicarpellary
D. Monocarpellary

88). To identify whether an organism exhibiting a
dominant trait is homozygous or heterozygous
for a specific allele, which cross is performed?
A. Dihybrid cross
B. Test cross
C. Back cross
D. Back cross
E. None of the above

89). Cork cambium is also called
A. Phellem
B. Phelloderm
C. Periderm
D. Phellogen

90). The force which exists between the walls of
xylem vessels and water is:
A. Adhesion
B. Cohesion
C. Surface tension
D. Capillary force

91). The correct sequence in taxonomic classification is:
A. Class-family-order-genus-species
B. Class-order-family-genus-species
C. Order-family-class-genus-species
D. Class-family-order-genus-species

92). Heterotrophic fungi which absorb soluble
organic matter from dead substrates are called
A. Saprophytes
B. Parasites
C. Symbionts
D. Autotrophs

93). Name ‘virus’ was coined by
A. Huxley
B. Robert Hook
C. Lvanowsky
D. Beijernick

94). Viroid consists of:
C. Carbohydrate
D. Protein

95). Food is stored as mannitol and laminarin in
A. Rhodophyceace
B. Chlorophyceace
C. Phaeophyceace
D. Chlamydomonas

96). Which of the following statements regarding
bryophytes are not correct?
A. The main body of bryophyte is haploid
B. Antheridia develop on the main body
C. The main body is sporophyte
D. Sporophyte draws nutrition from the gametophyte

97). In mosses protonema is
A. The last stage of gametophyte
B. The first stage of gametophyte
C. The leafy stage of moss
D. Does not exist in the moss life cycle

98). Diplontic life cycle is present in:
A. Gymnosperms
B. Angiosperms
C. Volvox
D. Both ‘1’ and ‘2’

99). Fascicular vascular cambium is
A. A lateral meristem
B. Apical meristem
C. Also called cork cambium
D. A permanent tissue

100). Which of the following are living cells?
A. Vessels
B. Tracheids
C. Xylem fibres
D. Xylem parenchyma

BSc Nursing Previous year question Paper PDF, Download Nursing Entrance old paper.

Download PDFLINK

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Previous Year Question papers PDF

JKBOPEE Previous year Question Papers

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Previous Year Question papers PDF, Download the BSc Nursing, BSC Technology, and BSc Paramedical Previous year entrance question paper.

BOPEE Nursing Old papers available, download the PDF from here and start your preparation.

Tentative Schedule of B.Sc. Nursing /Post Basic BSc Nursing Courses – 2023

S. No.DescriptionDate
1.Date of filling up of application forms1 April 2023
2.Last date of filling up of application forms03 May 2023
3.Downloading of Admit cards02 June 2023
4.Date of Conduct of Examination11 June 2023
5.Declaration of ResultShall be notified separately
8.Counseling Scheduleshall be notified separately
9.Completion of the Admission processJuly 2023

JKBOPEE Previous year Entrance Papers

BSc Nursing, BSc Paramedical, and BSc Technology last year question paper available here download from the LINK given below.

Previous year Question paper

JKBOPEE Bsc Nursing Syllabus

Bopee BSc Nursing Admit Card:

Download B.Sc. Nursing Admit Card

  • Admit Card for JKBOPEE BSc Nursing, BSc Para Medical, and BSc Technology.
  • No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Test Centre/venue without a valid Admit Card in the original.
  • Admit cards can be downloaded within the prescribed date.
  • The Admit Cards are available online. The candidates are advised to download their Admit Cards from the link below.

GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023, Apply online for 69 Vacancies @

GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023

Government Medical College Udhampur has recently released the Recruitment Notification for the year 2023. This announcement has opened up exciting opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the medical field. Interested and eligible candidates can apply online for 69 vacancies across various positions. The official website,, will serve as the platform for submitting applications. This article provides comprehensive information about the GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023, including important dates, vacancy details, eligibility criteria, application process, selection procedure, and more.

GMC Udhampur Vacancy Details 2023

Name of PostNo. of Posts
Clinical Psychologist01
Technical Lab Assistant05
Lab Attendant / Theatre Attendant / Library Assistant05
Lab Technician14
Dissection Hall Attendant02
Technical Theatre Assistant02
Audiometry Technician01
Radio-graphic Technician04
Coding Keeper Cum Computer operator02
Junior Staff Nurse30
Total Posts69 Posts

The GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023 offers a diverse range of vacancies across various job positions. The following table provides an overview of the available positions and the corresponding number of vacancies:

GMC Udhmapur Recruitment 2023 Notification PDFs

Important Dates and Application Process

Candidates must be aware of the crucial dates related to the GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023. The online application process will commence on 8th May 2023, and the last date for submitting applications is 20th May 2023. The application form can be accessed and filled out on the official website of GMC Udhampur ( It is essential to complete the application within the given time frame and adhere to the guidelines provided to ensure a successful submission.

GMC Udhampur Recruitment Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023, candidates must fulfill certain eligibility criteria set by the Government Medical College Udhampur. The eligibility requirements include specific educational qualifications, relevant experience (if applicable), and age limitations. It is essential for candidates to review the detailed eligibility criteria for each position before proceeding with the application process.

Selection Process

The selection process for GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023 will consist of multiple stages designed to assess the candidates’ suitability for the respective positions. The selection procedure may include written tests, interviews, or a combination of both. Candidates should stay updated with the official notifications to ensure they are well-prepared for each stage of the selection process.

How to Apply GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023

Applying for the GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023 is a straightforward process. Follow the step-by-step guide below to complete the online application:

  1. Visit the official website of GMC Udhampur (
  2. Locate the “Recruitment” or “Career” section on the homepage.
  3. Click on the relevant recruitment notification for the desired position.
  4. Read the notification and eligibility criteria carefully.
  5. Click on the “Apply Online” link to access the application form.
  6. Fill in the required details accurately and upload any necessary documents.
  7. Pay the application fee, if applicable, through the provided payment options.
  8. Review the filled-in form and submit it.
  9. Take a printout of the submitted application for future reference.

Application Fee

Candidates are advised to refer to the official recruitment notification for information regarding the application fee. The notification will specify if any fee is applicable and provide details about the payment process.

Admit Card and Exam Date

The release of admit cards for the GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023 will be notified on the official website. Candidates should regularly check the website for updates on the availability of admit cards. The exam date will also be announced through the official channels, providing candidates with sufficient time for preparation.

Pay Scale and Benefits

The Government Medical College Udhampur offers an attractive salary package and benefits for the selected candidates. The pay scale varies depending on the position and is designed to be competitive with industry standards. In addition to the salary, employees may also receive benefits such as medical coverage, allowances, and opportunities for professional growth and development.


  1. What is the starting and last date for applying to GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023?

    The application process starts on 8th May 2023 and ends on 20th May 2023.

  2. Where can I find the application form for GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023?

    The application form is available on the official website of GMC Udhampur (

  3. ow many vacancies are there in GMC Udhampur Recruitment 2023?

    There are a total of 69 vacancies across different positions.

GMC Srinagar Staff Nurse & Tutor Selection List released, Joining Issued

GMC Srinagar Selection List 2023

GMC Srinagar Selection of candidates for the post of “Tutor/Clinical Instructor/ Public Health Tutor Level-6 (35400-112400)” and “Junior Grade Nurses Level -4 (25500-81100)” (Health and Medical Education Department), Divisional cadre Kashmir advertisement Notification No. 02 of 2021 dated 26-03-2021 under item No. 202 and 216 respectively.

This office is in receipt of selection list from Health and Medical Education Department, J&K vide above quoted reference where under they have forwarded and recommended the appointment for the post of “Tutor/Clinical Instructor/ Public Health Tutor Level-6 (35400-112400)” and “Junior Grade Nurses Level -4 (25500- 81100)” (Health and Medical Education Department), Divisional cadre Kashmir advertisement Notification No. 02 of 2021 dated 26-03-2021 under item No. 202 and 216 respectively on the basis of recommendation made by J&K Service Selection Board vide No. JKSSB/Sel/Secy/2022-23/357-61 dated 28-02-2023.

Before proceeding further in the matter the selected candidates are hereby informed through the medium of this notice to personally report in office of the undersigned within a period of 21 days from the date of issuance of this notice for submission of the necessary inputs/ documents for processing verification of their Character and antecedents through online mode as per Government order No. 528 JK(GAD) of 2021 dated 21-06-2021 and Govt. order No. 1003 JK(GAD) of 2021 dated 21-06-2021 issued by General Administrative Department J & K; failure which it shall be presumed that they are not willing to take up appointment as Tutor/ Clinical Instructor/Public Health Tutor or Junior Grade Nurse as the case may be in Govt. Medical College, Srinagar and shall forfeit the right of appointment without any further notice.

GMC Srinagar Junior Assistant Selection List 2023 released, Check here

GMC Srinagar Selection List 2023

GMC Srinagar Selection of candidates for the post of “Junior Assistant Level -4 (25500-81100) (Health and Medical Education Department), Divisional cadre Kashmir advertisement Notification No. 02 of 2021 dated 26-03-2021 under item No. 227. Reference:-Administrative Department letter No. ME-NG/134/2023-02 dated 06-04-2023.

This office is in receipt of a selection list from Health and Medical Education Department whereby the following eight candidates have been recommended for appointment as “Junior Assistant” vide above referenced letter on the basis of recommendation made by J&K Service Selection Board vide No. JKSSB/Plan/25/2022-03 dated 03-03-2023.

Name of the candidateParentageResidence
lrfan Yousuf WaniMohammad Yousuf WaniH No. 141,Eidgah Mohalla Galwanpora Budgam
Tabish ShowkatShowkat Ahmad BeiahH No. 218, Gulshan Nagar , Chanapora Srinagar
Nisar Ahmad BhatAb Majid BhatM1-30,Maidanpora Lalpora Kupwara
Tahseen Zahoor YaswiZahoor Ahmad YaswiH. No. 151 Firdous Colony EidQah Srinagar
Saaqib Shafie WaniMohammad Shafie WaniH No. 144 , Sarafkadal, Near Chips Masjid Srinagar
MillanManohar LalKhathar Pindi Chark, Jammu
Nissar Ahmad LoneGh. Rasool LoneLone Mohalla Badwan, Gurez bandipora
Aadil FarooqFarooq Ahmad RatherH No.49 Wagam Near Jamia Masiid Chadoora Budgam

Before proceeding further in the matter, the selected candidates are hereby informed through the medium of this notice to personally report in office of the undersigned within a period of 21 days from the date of issuance of this notice for submission of the necessary inputs/ documents for processing verification of their Character and antecedents through online mode as per Government order No. 528 JK(GAD) of 2021 dated 21-06- 2021 and Govt. order No. 1003 JK(GAD) of 2021 dated 21-06-2021 issued by General Administrative Department J&K; failure which it shall be presumed that they are not willing to take up appointment as Junior Assistant in Govt. Medical College, Srinagar and shall forfeit the right of appointment without any further notice.

GMC Handwara Recruitment 2023, Apply online for Various Posts

GMC Handwara Recruitment 2023

Principal Govt Medical College Handwara has invited Applications for various Nin-Gazetted Posts, The candidates with Diploma or degree in relevant fields can Apply for the advertised Posts.

Advertisement for Appointment against Non-Gazetted posts in Government Medical College Handwara as per S.O. 364 dated 27-11-2020.

Advertisement Notice No. 03 of 2023 Dated: 15-04-2023

Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for engagement against the posts detailed in “Annexure A” on Academic Arrangement Basis in terms of S.0.364 of 2020, dated: 27-11-2020, initially for a period of one year extendable up to maximum of six years (subject to good performance and conduct) or till the selection/promotion is made in accordance with the recruitment rules, governing the respective posts, whichever is earlier.

Annexure A: Details of Posts (Subject to availability) are as follows:

GMC Handwara Recruitment 2023 Notification PDF

Mode of applying:

Application forms along with instructions for filling up the application will be available at the website from 16/04/2023.

Website for online application is Candidates are advised to go through instructions and eligibility conditions for given post before filling up the application form.

The last date for filling up of online application forms complete in all respects is 29/04/2023.
Candidates are requested to upload all the mandatory prescribed /requisite documents along with the online application forms. In case the mandatory prescribed/requisite documents are not uploaded with the online application form, the application form/candidature of the applicant is liable to be rejected without any further notice.

Selection mode:

In case candidates applying for any advertised post are greater than 5 times the number of advertised vacancies, the mode of selection will be as written test, the dates and pattern of which will be notified on official website of GMC handwara. (
Once the candidates submit their application at forms online then they need to submit a printed copy of the application form which has been generated online along with Bank Draft of Rs 200 from JK Bank only in favour of Principal, Government Medical College, Handwara in the office of Principal, Government Medical College, Handwara.

Terms and Conditions:

Candidates for the posts should not be more than (63) years of age as on the date of issuance
of notice.

The appointment under these rules shall not entitle the appointee to any preferential claim for regular appointment.

The academic arrangement shall cease on joining of regular appointed candidate selected and posted by the competent authority on regular basis. The candidate lower in the merit in the selection list shall be relieved first.

The selected candidates shall have to submit an affidavit that they will not leave the institution before the completion of one-year contract at the time of joining.

In-service candidate may not apply.

Administration of GMC Handwara reserves the right to increase or decrease the above- mentioned number of vacancies listed against each post at any point of time during recruitment process without prior information to the candidates.

Candidates are advised not to furnish any particulars that are false or suppress relevant material information. Candidates found guilty will be debarred from applying for the next 2 years.

JK Paramedical & Nursing Date Sheet Released, Check Here

JK Paramedical Date sheet

The Examination of all eligible / failure/ Backlog/ Other eligible Nursing / Paramedical Trainees of Government AMT/ ANMT Schools/ GNM Schools/ Private Paramedical / Nursing Institutions of Jammu/Kashmir/Ladakh Divisions affiliated with J&K Paramedical / Nursing Council including Leh and Kargil for Annual/ Bi-Annual for the Session OCTOBER_NOVEMBER 2022” shall, be conducted as per Date Sheet Notified hereunder for Theory Part of Examination.

It is accordingly enjoined upon all the Principals/ Heads of the Institution(s) of Govt. AMT/ANMT Schools /GNM Schools Private Paramedical Institutions concerned will accordingly issue Roll Number Slips to the examines, once the same is received from the office of the J&K State Paramedical/ Nursing Council Jammu/ Srinagar. The examination will start at 12:00 Noon sharp.

JK Paramedical & Nursing Date Sheet
JK Paramedical & Nursing Date Sheet

Important Instructions

Centre Notification and Date Sheet for Practical Examination shall be issued separately by Controller of Examinations of Both Divisions of Jammu and Kashmir in due course of time.

Candidates are directed not to use any kind of Electronic Gadget etc. in the Examination Hall. If any, candidate is found in possession of such gadget. he/she may lead to Unfair Means and subsequent disqualification.

Candidates are directed to bring along their Roll No Slips/Admit Cards on the date of Examination.

Candidates are asked to wear Mask, Keep Social Distancing and take proper preventive measures during the examination as per the guidelines issued from time to time by the Administration.