Govt asks authorities to desist from execution of works sans authorization, using private land

Government on Tuesday asked authorities concerned not to authorize execution of any work or project without proper authorization and asked them to utilize government land for developmental activities.

“Authorization of the Competent Authority/Delegation of Powers for according Administrative Approvals etc. are a prerequisite for ordering execution of any work/project,” reads a government circular, a copy of which lies with GNS. Further, the regulatory regime governing acquisition of land for various developmental projects prescribes utilization of government land, as far as possible, for the purpose of infrastructural development, it underlined. “Land should ideally be acquired only in case of non- availability/non-feasibility of government land for execution of the project.” Notwithstanding these norms and guidelines, the government said that it has been observed that many departments including their
subordinate offices, without proper authorization, have either executed work(s)/project(s) and have created/admitted liabilities on account of land acquisition from private land owners thereby causing loss to the exchequer as also avoidable litigation on this count in many cases, “a matter which has been viewed seriously by the authorities.”

“It is accordingly enjoined upon all Administrative
Secretaries/HoDs and other concerned officers not to authorize execution of any work/project without proper authorization and to utilize government land for developmental activities, as far as possible, desisting thereby from creating/admitting liabilities on this account, especially in cases where land under reference has been donated previously.

Further, yhe government said, in case of land being donated for any public purpose, it shall be ensured that the same is encumbrance free and requisite follow up like executing donation deed, mutation in favour of the concerned department or agency is effected immediately.

“It shall also be ensured that land compensation component is incorporated in the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of all the projects, in case land is required to be acquired. All departments shall compile list of officers who have authorized execution of work(s)/project(s) without proper sanction or have created/admitted liabilities on account of land acquisition/works without proper authorization/authority and furnish the same to the Finance Department for appropriate action within one month.”

These instructions are brought to the notice of all concerned for immediate compliance, the circular added. (GNS)

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