Govt makes Biometric attendance mandatory for all the departments of Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, 11 Nov: In terms of Government Order No. 650-JK(GAD) of 2022 dated 02.06.2022, instructions were issued to all Government Ofices/PSUs/ Institutions/Corporations across the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to switch over to Biometric System (Aadhar or Finger Print Based) with immediate effect and all employees were directed to necessarily mark their attendance both at arrival and departure as per the notified office hours of various offices.

Further, all Administrative Secretaries/HoDs/Managing Directors of PsUs/Corporations/ Institutions were directed to ensure installation of Biometric Attendance Systems/Equipments in all offices/institutions under their administrative control by or before 15th of June, 2022 and all DDOS were also directed to draw salaries of employees only on the basis of satisfactory biometric attendance.

Notwithstanding, these clear and elaborate instructions on the subject, it has been observed that a sizable number of employees continue to draw their salaries without marking daily attendance, a matter which has been viewed seriously by the authorities.

It is accordingly enjoined upon all Administrative Secretaries/HoDs/Managing Directors of PSUs/Corporations/Institutions as also all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers to strictly adhere to the instructions issued in terms of Government Order ibid, and furnish daily Action Taken Report in this regard to the General Administration Department on email id

Further, a list of defaulting DDOs who draw salaries of employees without satisfactory biometric attendance shall be furnished to the General Administration Department in the 1 week of December, 2022 by all departments.

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