Graduates are not eligible for JKSSB Class 4th Posts

JKSSB Class IV Result is finally declared on 25 May 2021, in the recent interview given to media persons JKSSB chairman said that the result is available on the Internet and the candidates can check their marks.

JKSSB chairman also said that graduates are not eligible for the said posts of class 4th.

The total number of posts = 8575.

Various exam processes for recruitments in the different departments are halting due to the Corona Virus pandemic, says Khalid Jehangir.

The no of employees is very less as of now and the reason is Covid-19, in terms of no of cases many employees came positive when tested for COVID-19, life has come to a granding heart.

Class IV recruitment is a long process, it has various steps, after successfully conducting the examination we asked candidates to give their preferences, we gave chance to the students to select their choice of district/division, even after extending the date for preference submission for 3 times we received very poor response from the students, says JKSSB Chairman.

When asked about the eligibility of Graduations for Class IV Posts, JKSSB Chairman clearly said that the candidates who have been shown Qualified in the Result will be invited for Document verification and while verification an Affidavit will be signed that if in future the selected candidate was found Fraudulent or was a graduate during the recruitment process, a criminal case will be registered against him/her also he/she will be terminated from their services.

In addition to this the candidate will be barred/ stopped from the future services of JKSSB, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any recruitment process of JKSSB.

He further added that Graduates are requested to not participate in the Document Verification process, as it will demotivate them.

It is better to prepare for Graduate level posts and showcase their ability in these exams he added.

10 thoughts on “Graduates are not eligible for JKSSB Class 4th Posts”

  1. Hi
    A warm appreciations to the chairman
    His such speech will lead the students (graduates) to mass protest against such speech
    It has been seen earlier that the graduates and even higher qualification holders are works on the class iv post
    So this totally is a propaganda that govt is making so as to put the students under pressure
    One more reason that i wanna mention here is that, does it sounds good that the undergraduates will have a job and graduates aur others will be waiting.

    One more thing, is this policy/process only for this particular class iv post.
    Recently JKSSB advertised the class iv posts for the kashmiri migrants and pandits and currently their document verification is going on. JKSSB must give answer of this question that why there is no eligibility criteria for that particular class iv post.
    Now lastly i want to mention that if JKSSB will do the same what they talk about in the interview, then the body will have to face students in the Court.

    • You are a total moron these 8000 posts were only for undergraduates..the rest of 42000 will mostly have to be above 12th so what if undergraduates protest against these jobs as well.

    • Those who will be shortlisted will be asked for document verification and don’t worry if any of them have not filled preferences. He/She will be appointed as well but JKSSB have the right in that case to appoint him/her in any district provided he/she is not in his/her district cadre list.
      Hope You understand

    • I agree u r brother 100 % right these under graduates r all college going ist 2nd and final yr students belonging from the age group of 19 to 21 yrs what about those who r nearly to go over age and most of them are married but unemployed


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