Graduates demand change in eligibility for Class IV posts

Five days after the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board declared results for 8,575 Class IV posts, aspirants across J&K are still in confusion as maximum qualification for the posts has been fixed up to 12th standard only.

scores of graduates from various parts of Jammu and Kashmir are expressing their resentment against the authorities as the admin has fixed maximum eligibility as 12th standard while leaving thousands of degree holders midway.

As per the aggrieved aspirants, both graduates and degree holders have had applied for Class IV posts and the irony is that they are being excluded from the further class IV Recruitment process.

Bisma Ayoob, a job aspirant from Baramulla said in view of the higher unemployment rate in J&K, the government should change their criteria to maximum graduation level.

There should be clarification from the administration regarding these things, she said

“There is the unemployment rate at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir and now the government has done another disaster by mentioning maximum qualification as Class 12th” Bisma said.

“We are duped by the government and it is done just to vote bank politics. Government should come forward with a clear vision of eligibility criteria so that our hard work will not go in vain,” she said

The aggrieved aspirants threatened on social media that they will start protests in both Jammu and Srinagar, if criteria would not be changed for these posts and they also stated that they would be approaching the court for the same.

Chairman JKSSB, Khalid Jahangir said that the qualification criteria for the Class IV advertisement are prescribed by the government and JKSSB is merely a recruiting agency.

“Recruitment rules are framed by the government and the Board is merely a recruiting body. We have to advertise the same criteria and we cannot modify them,” he said.

Another official at JKSSB said that from past five days, they have received thousands of distressed calls from the aspirants but we are helpless at our end.

“The minimum qualification for these posts is 10th and maximum qualification is 12th standard. But in future, aspirants cannot claim for the higher post as per his/her qualification so at the end our degrees became useless,” she said.

Earlier on June 26, Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) published a recruitment notice for over 8,000 Class IV posts on its official website.

There are different numbers of vacancies available for different districts with 463 posts for UT cadre, 1616 for Divisional Cadre Kashmir.

Check JKSSB Class IV Result 2021

13 thoughts on “Graduates demand change in eligibility for Class IV posts

  • I think graduates must b in priority and govt must take it into serious consideration as their degrees r not useless

    • i am ready to burn my certificates but i need this job, otherwise sucide is only option for me

    • Kyu bhai tu special he kya ……..

      • 7889360825 call me
        I want talk about class 4th job

    • I am undergraduate selected candidate with ut rank 123 and I fully support graduates because tomorrow i will also become a graduate.

  • there are still thousands of exams pending for graduates , what about 10+2s , will graduates ask jkssb to change eligiblity of other posts to min. 10+2 n max graduation?

    • I request jkssb chairman khalid jahanger sb According to Class IV posts. Graduates are safer a lot .Graduates also should b eligible for the post of class IV .

  • Itz injustice with degree holders if they were excluded from the said recruitment,there should be a strict protest against it.

  • I am to say only one thing if you people read the eligibility for class 4th is matric and 10+2. After that you people claim on basic qualifications who have only 10th or 12th.I want to ask onething why you people make issue of eligibility criteria as Jkssb clearly mentioned minimum 10th and maximum 12th and capping on higher qualifications holder.
    And now you people thinking about court.But jkssb set a criteria for class 4th
    At last ” Aap munh ki he khaoge Agar verification ke liye jaoge to board aapse Affidavit le lega aur agar kabhi unko pta chal gya ki aapke paas higher qualification thi to board aapko criminal act lga dega aur saath mein life time ke liye jkssb recruitment ke liye barred kar dega.
    Bhai Meri aapse jahi request hai jo b decision lena soch samjker lena.

  • Sir we the aspirations of class iv demend that give job otherwise we have no option..we are ready to attempt suicide.what is the fault if we graduate .we are ready to work as a peon.everyone is known the unemployment rate of j&k . thousands of PhD Holder are working in daily wages in various departments in jk and PhD Holder are also working as a soo in jk police .if they satisfied there .how a graduate can’t satisfied in class iv posts.its totally injustice with unemployed youth who work hard from past one year and perpered self for exam.we demended you never give us additional weightage on the basis of graduate but give us job on the basis of 12th .suppose ek 12 pass ko ap class iv ke job doo ga kal ko vo distance say graduate ho jata kya ap aus ko nakal doo gya…….my question to jk government and jkssrb

  • It’s unjustice with those who didn’t apply bcz of the criteria already mantioned in the notice now how can they become eligible.

  • I am a graduate student and i had not applied for class IVth due to cap on maximum qualification. And now if graduates are included in class IVth, this is injustice with those graduates who had not applied for same. These post are only for 10th and 12th standard students as per criteria. And if graduates are included we will file an FIR against JKSSB in high court. So either JKSSB should re-exam and permit all remaining graduates OR Should follow the criteria.

  • Sir what about for those candidates who are maximum 10+2 and applied for class iv post but pursuing their graduation but not yet completed their degree? Can they declare their degree when completed? and considered for promotion or not? Pl clarify.


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