Are Graduates eligible for Class IV posts – JKSSB

JKSSB Advertises 8575 Class IV Vacancies on 26.6.2020 for UT, Division, District

and has kept minimum 10th and maximum 12th qualifications for these 8575 posts.

Thousands of Graduates have applied for Class IV posts even knowing the fact that eligibility criteria is 10+2.

Meanwhile a Group a graduates association challenged the eligibility criteria in J&K High Court after filing a petition.

Also, JKSSB has clearly mentioned that Any candidate having his/her qualification other than prescribed shall not be eligible for Class IV posts.

In the latest interview given to Media personals JKSSB chairman Khalid Jahangir has clearly said:

That any Student having Above qualification than 12th will not Join his Job.

Furthermore JKSSB will make sure that these candidates will get verified at the time of counselling.

Basically, graduates are not eligible for class iv posts.

5 thoughts on “Are Graduates eligible for Class IV posts – JKSSB

  • jinhone tbb form lgaya tha …. lekin graduate nhi thh …
    Mgrr abb graduate ho gy h unka kya

    • They are eligible…. Bcoz… Date of form submission consider kiya jayega…

  • They are eligible

    • No, they are not as per the JKGAD, only jkgad can make amendments in this recruitment process.

  • They are eligible… Only they are not eligible who where graduate at the time of form applying time


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