IGNOU Bachelor of Science (BSCG) Admission January 2022

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Bachelor of Science (BSCG), Objective of BSc Programme:
To provide higher education required for a B.Sc. degree in conformity with the UGC-CBCS to
aspirants (including learners from the deprived sections and those living in remote and rural areas)
seeking the degree for employment, further higher education, promotion in career and professional

The University offers Bachelor’s Degree in Science in the following Disciplines:

  1. Botany
  2. Chemistry
  3. Geography
  4. Geology
  5. Mathematics
  6. Physics
  7. Zoology

Eligibility:10+2 with science subjects or its equivalent qualification.

Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi
Duration: Minimum 3 years and Maximum 6 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

IGNOU Fresh Admission 2022 January Session Details

IGNOU Bachelor of Arts Admission Details

Fee Structure: Rs. 14,700/- for full programme to be paid year wise @ Rs.4,900/- per year. Fee to be paid in first year, including Registration Fee of Rs.200/- is Rs.5,100/-
The University follows the credit system for offering all its Programmes. One credit is equal to 30 hours of learners study time. To earn Bachelor’s Degree, a learner has to earn 132 credits in minimum six Semester (three years) with 22 credits per Semester. For earning 132 credits, a student has to opt for courses from the following categories of courses:

  • Discipline Specific Core Courses (DSC)
  • Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)

A learner can choose any of the three disciplines as per interest from the above disciplines for completing BSc programme. Once chosen, he/she has to take Core Courses and Discipline Specific Elective Courses from those three Disciplines ONLY in all the semesters as per the following Programme Structure Template.

IGNOU BSc Course Details
IGNOU BSc Course Details
  1. As per CBCS, in disciplines such as Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Physics and Zoology, where Laboratory work is compulsory, a 06 Credit Course is offered as a combination of two Courses in the same subject area: a 04 Credits Theory Course and a 02 Credits Laboratory Course. Both these courses in a given subject area of a discipline are to be taken together compulsorily.
  2. Every course offered by the Mathematics discipline, which does not require Laboratory work, is a single course of 06 Credits which includes 01 Credit worth of Tutorials.
  3. In the Geography discipline, some subject areas do require Laboratory works whereas, some subject areas don’t require any Laboratory work. Therefore, the Courses of the Geography discipline are of two types: Courses which require Laboratory work – Each such Course is a combination of a 04 Credits Theory Course and a 02 Credits Laboratory Course (both these are to be taken together compulsorily); and Courses which do not require Laboratory work – Each such Course is of 06 Credits and includes 01 Credit worth of Tutorials.

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