J&K Govt delegates financial powers to the Administrative Secretaries

SRINAGAR: The Government of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday issued the order empowering the administrative secretaries, the officials are now given financial powers where they can take some high decisions, the official order of which a copy lies with the JKYouth Newspaper reads:

In partial modification of Government Order No. 810-JK(GAD) of 2020 dated 01.09.2020 read with Government Order No. 846-JK(GAD) of 2020 dated 10.09.2020, the financial powers delegated in favour of Administrative Secretaries shall be read as under ;

  1. Release of funds (Scheme/object wise) authorized by Finance Department in favour of the Departments under their administrative control.
  2. Sanctioning of advance drawls upto Rs. 1 cr with the concurrence of the DF/FA&CAO.
  3. Delegation of DDO Powers in respects of Officers of the departments under their administrative control with the concurrence of the FA&CAO.
  4. All advance drawal cases beyond an amount of Rs. 1 cr with the prior concurrence of the Finance Department.
  5. Issuance of Government Guarantees with the concurrence of the Finance Department.

To allot contracts for purchase of stores, supplies, services on the recommendation of the Purchase Committee as per SO 15 dated 9.1.2020.

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