JKBOPEE Cheats MBBS/BDS General Merit Aspirants, all eyes on LG Manoj Sinha

JKBOPEE has issued a revised seat matrix at the vary last stage of Admissions for MBBS/BDS courses in Jammu and Kashmir, In the revised seat matrix BOPEE/ JK Govt has decreased the No of Seats for Open Merit Candidates and has given those seats to the Economically Weaker Section Candidates(EWS).

BOPEE had already issued a seat matrix around 3 weeks ago and had called candidates for filling Counselling-cum-preference choices for the allocation of colleges according to the issued Seat Matrix Chart.

Earlier issued seat matrix had a total of 53 MBBS and 13 BDS seats for the EWS category candidates, whereas 466 MBBS and 52 BDS seats were for the General Merit Candidates.

Candidates have filled their choices accordingly and were very happy seeing their selections in the forthcoming days across the reputed govt medical colleges of Jammu and Kashmir, but now the new/revised seat Matrix has came up as a degree of humiliation for the OM candidates, According to the new NEET-UG 2021-22 seat matrix for JK, the economically weaker section (EWS) has now 107 seats – 96 MBBS and 11 BDS seats – across the government medical colleges in Jammu and Kashmir, whereas the OM seats have fallen to 423 MBBS and 54 BDS seats across all the J-K government medical colleges.

It is Important to remind JKBOPEE authorities that Supreme court has given the order to have minimum of 50% of seats for OM candidates across all the govt colleges in India, even the BOPEE Provisions clearly mention that 54% of seats are to be given to General candidates and the rest to the candidates with reservations, but the new revised Seat-Matrix has only 43% of seats for OM candidates, which is a clear gross root violation of laws.

Else govt should have increased the intake capacity of admissions for overcoming the 10% reservation of EWS candidates but what they are doing is the totally opposite, decreasing seats of once section of the community to satisfy the other section at the cost of their dreams and right is completely injustice.

Candidates who were looking forward to study medicine in the medical colleges of Jammu and Kashmir are now feeling humiliated and targeted for no reason, the changing of seat matrix has trigged many OM candidates in J&K.

Candidates are now looking forward to move to High Court and get stay on the Counselling-Cum-Admission Process.

Many of the aspirants are saying that BOPEE should have issued this seat matrix earlier or from the next year(2022), changing Seat-Ratio at the 12th hour is like calling for the genocide of these young souls of our nation.

All the eyes are now on JKGovt / Administartion, then it be the LG Manojh Sinha, JK Administrative bodies, JK High Court or the JKBOPEE authorities(Vivek Bhardawaj), each one of them need to stand by the side of these OM candidates and stop this genocide and give them their rightful right.

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6 thoughts on “JKBOPEE Cheats MBBS/BDS General Merit Aspirants, all eyes on LG Manoj Sinha”

  1. Oh God what can our children’s do the general category students are disappointed from this discision of jkBope most of general category students are realy efficient than other categories students and 80℅ students also come from general category and govt shuld give 80℅ quata for general category students but there is some thing wrong in such persons minds they are realy doing bad for general category students we request to the govt j&k please don’t play with our students it is realy bad news at all please check the EWs certificate holders there so many fraud system to making this certificate please look into the matter if not we are going to against this decision in court and also protest against this Rubbish dicission

    • EWS seats will have no change anyway. EWS has 96 MBBS seats in JK & 4 BDS. This year JKBOPEE distributed EWS seats among OM & Categories equally, but now in revised seat matrix, JKBOPEE took all the remaining seats of EWS from OM only, they must take the remaining 43 seats from OM and other categories, in this way only 21 or 22 seats can be taken from OM and others from categories.
      If you really want justice, focus on 21 or 22 seats for OM. Don’t get diverted into the EWS certificates, their will be no output.

  2. Oh my God. What the govt thinks . Why they are playing with the children’s emotions and can’t they realize what impact it will create in students mind. Students can not bear mental agony. What ever rules they wants to implement they must take decide and take one YEAR before the councilling

  3. This is so depressing for an OM student who secures marks just enough to get him through but some rich kid with a category gets in the list. No one is economically weak or geographically poor nowadays, the category rationale doesn’t exist anywhere today— this is just a deception. Go and see, every single of these ST, SC, RBA & EWS category families are economically better than most of the general category families. They’ve been gaining this category benefit since long time ago & now they’re well adjusted in cities. Even though general category people are actually more deserving & comparably more efficient but they get nothing despite hardwork & talent. This is an evident truth that no one can deny.


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