JKBOSE Class 11th Education Syllabus 2024 | Download PDF

Download the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education(JKBOSE) Class 11th Syllabus for Education Subject, Education is an Arts Subject and the syllabi is given in detail below here, The Syllabus comprises of total 100 Marks and all marks are theoretical based.

Meaning and Concept of Education10 Marks
Understanding Aims of Education10 Marks
Understanding Agencies of Education10 Marks
Organization & Structure of Education in India10 Marks
Universalization of Elementary Education10 Marks
Educational Psychology10 Marks
Emotions10 Marks
Value Education10 Marks
Elementary Statistics10 Marks
Environmental Education10 Marks

JKBOSE Class 11th Education Syllabus PDF

Meaning and Concept of Education

  • Etymological meaning of education
  • Narrow and Broader meaning of education
  • Definitions – Pestalozzi, Redden, M.K. Gandhi, Dr. Zakir Hussain, Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal
  • Need and importance of education 10 marks

Understanding Aims of Education

Meaning of aims of education
Meaning and importance of following aims:-
** individual aims
** moral and spiritual aim
** Social aim
** cultural aim
** vocational aim 10 marks

Understanding Agencies of Education

  • Meaning of agencies of education
  • Types
    ** Formal ……. School and religious institutions
    ** Informal…. Family and Society
    ** Non- formal… Open school, Distance education and Mass Media.

Organization & Structure of Education in India

Pre- primary education

Primary education

Secondary education

Higher education
(to be discussed with special reference to organization structure and aims).

Universalization of Elementary Education

  • Concept of universalization of elementary education
  • Problems of universalization
  • Initiatives of elementary education
    • Non formal education
    • Early childhood care and education
    • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
    • Rights to Education Act (1997)

Educational Psychology

Meaning and definition of Educational Psychology
Stern, Skinner, Judd, Crow & Crow
Need and scope of educational psychology
Methods of educational psychology
** Observation method
** Case – study method 10 marks


  • Understanding the concept of emotions
  • Definitions McDougall, Woodworth, Gates
  • Characteristics of emotions
  • Types of emotions – Fear, Anger, Jealousy
  • Classification proposed by McDougall
  • Training of emotions: Suvlimation and Catharsis
  • Importance of training of emotions

Value Education

  • Conceptual clarity of value education
  • Types of values (Social, Moral and Religious)
  • Need and importance of value education
  • Role of education in imbibing values

Elementary Statistics

Meaning of statistics
Tabulation of Data into Frequency distribution
Graphic Representation of Data
** Frequency Polygon
** Histogram
** Pie- chart
** Ogive
Measures of central tendency – Mean, Median and Mode (calculations only)

Environmental Education

  • Concept of environmental education
  • Aims and objectives of environmental education
  • Needs and importance of environmental education
  • Environmental Pollution … Air, Water and Noise
    (Meaning Causes and Control)

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