JKBOSE Class 12th English Syllabus 2023 | Download PDF

Download the JKBOSE Class 12th General English Syllabus for the academic session 2022 – 2023, The syllabus has been published by the officials of the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education(JKBOSE).

1One unseen passage (400-500 words) for note-making (5marks) and summarizing (5marks).10 marks
2One unseen passage (400-500 words) followed by five objective type questions and five multiple choice questions to assess comprehension, interpretation and inference, word formation and inference.1×10=10 marks
3One out of two questions on advertisements/ writing formal/informal invitations and replies (50 words).4 marks
4One out of two questions on letter writing (business or official letters for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing orders and sending replies, letters to the editor giving suggestions/opinions on an issue; letter to the school or college authorities, regarding admissions, school issues, requirements / suitability of courses, etc.) (120-150 words)6 marks
5One out of two questions on writing a resume along with job application. (120-150 words)6 marks
6One out of two compositions on article/ debate/ speech/ personality profile/personal experience/ humorous writing (200-250 words).6 marks
7One passage 100-150 words in length for editing to test the following items: reflexive pronouns, tenses, punctuation, narration, conjunctions, prepositions and change of voice (8 items).8 marks
 SECTION C: Literature30 marks
8Eight objective type questions (4 from one poetry and 4 from one prose extract) to assess comprehension and appreciation.1×8= 8marks
9Five out of seven short answer questions based on prose / drama / poetry from both texts to assess inference and critical thinking.5×2=10 marks
10One out of two long answer questions from Flamingo to assess global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the text. Questions to provide evaluating and analytical responses using incidents, events, and themes as reference points. (120-150words)6marks
11One out of two long answer questions from Vistas to assess global comprehension along with analysis and extrapolation beyond the texts. Questions to elicit creative responses and   ability   to form opinions. (120-150words)6marks


Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills

Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills will be for 20 marks. Practice and assessment is to be based on the activities included in the prescribed textbooks and and by taking recourse to various resources and techniques available in the school.

Suggested Reading For grammar, teachers and students can refer to any standard grammar textbook for further reading and clarification of concepts.

Question Paper Design

General English XII | Marks: 80+20 = 100

SectionCompetenciesTotal marks
ComprehensionConceptual understanding, decoding, Analyzing, inferring, interpreting, appreciation, literary, conventions and vocabulary, summarizing and using appropriate format/s20 Marks
Writing SkillsReasoning, appropriacy of style and tone, using appropriate format and fluency, inference, analysis, evaluation and creativity  30 Marks
Literature Textbook and Supplementary ReaderRecalling, reasoning, appreciating literary convention, inference, analysis, creativity with fluency  30 Marks
 TOTAL80 Marks
Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills   20 Marks

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