JKBOSE Class 10th Syllabus PDF 2021

JKBOSE Class 10th Syllabus PDF

 JKBose has recently updated the syllabus for the 10th Class, we have gathered all that information in this post.

Therefore, The Syllabi for JKBOSE Class 10th (Matric) for all the subjects is uploaded on this blog and is easy to access for each one of you.

We hope that your preparation for the Annual Examination is going well and this Syllabus will help you more in your preparation.

JKBOSE Class 10Th English Syllabus

Weightage of marks as shown against each

Prose19 Marks
Poetry21 Marks
Short Stories10 Marks
Play05 Marks
Writing Skills20 Marks
Grammar25 Marks

JKBOSE Class 10th Syllabus for English Subject LINK

JKBose Syllabus class 10th – Mathematics

Number Systems05 Marks
Algebra29 Marks
Trigonometry14 Marks
Coordinate Geometry08 Marks
Geometry22 Marks
Mensuration11 Marks
Statistics and Probability11 Marks

JKBOSE Class 10th Syllabus for Mathematics Subject LINK

General Science JKBOSE Class 10th Syllabus

Theory Marks: 84 (Physics + Chemistry + Biology: 28+28+28)

Light- Reflection and Refraction10 Marks
The Human Eye and the Colorful World5 Marks
Electricity6 Marks
Magnetic Effects of Current4 Marks
Sources of Energy3 Marks
Chemical Reactions and Equation5 Marks
Periodic Classification of Elements4 Marks
Carbon and Its Compounds8 Marks
Metals and Non-Metals6 Marks
Acids, Bases, and Salts5 Marks
Life Processes6 Marks
Control and Coordination4 Marks
How do Organisms Reproduce6 Marks
Heredity and Genetics4 Marks
Our Environment4 Marks
Management of Natural Resources4 Marks

JKBOSE Class 10th Syllabus for Science Subject LINK

JKBOSE Social Science Syllabus PDF 2021

History25 Marks
Geography25 Marks
Political Science25 Marks
Economics25 Marks
Total100 Marks


The Rise of Nationalism in Europe6 Marks
Nationalism in India4 Marks
The Making of a Global World
The age of Industrialization
5 Marks
Everyday Life, Culture and Politics6 Marks
Modernization of Erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir4 Marks
25 marks


Resources and Development
Forest and Wildlife
Water Resources
8 Marks
Agriculture7 Marks
Minerals and Energy Resources3 Marks
Manufacturing Industries3 Marks
Lifelines of National Economy4 Marks

Political Science

Power Sharing5 Marks
Democracy and Diversity
5 Marks
Gender, Religion, and caste
Popular struggle and movements
4 Marks
Political Parties4 Marks
Outcomes of Democracy
Challenges to Democracy
5 Marks
Addendum2 Marks


Understanding J&K Economy9 Marks
Employment Generation6 Marks
Protecting Ourselves from Disasters5 Marks
Road safety education5 Marks

JKbose Social Science Full detailed Syllabus PDF LINK

JKBOSE Class 10th Mock Test

JKBOSE class 10th English Previous Year Question Papers
JKBOSE class 10th G. Science Previous Year Question Papers
JKBOSE class 10th S. Science Previous Year Question Papers
JKBOSE class 10th Mathematics Previous Year Question Papers

Frequently Asked Questions

JKBOSE Class 10th Passing Marks?

36 Marks out of 100 for all the Subjects

What is JKBOSE’s full form?

Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education.

World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 October

World Teachers Day 2021

World Teachers Day

Teachers are those who make children knowledgeable and cultured. A teacher is a beautiful gift given by god because god is a creator of the whole world and a teacher is a creator of a whole nation. The teacher is such an important creature in the life of a student, who through his knowledge, patience and love give a strong shape to a student’s whole life.

A teacher has an important place not only in student life but also in every field. They have all qualities which they distribute in their student. They know that not everyone has the same ability to receive, so a teacher observes all the abilities of each of their students and in the same way, they teach children. A teacher is a great listener of knowledge, prosperity, and light, from which we can benefit greatly throughout our life. Every teacher helps their students in choosing their path. A teacher is one who teaches their students how to respect elders.

A good teacher is not that hard to find, but you must know where to look. Good teachers are well-prepared in advance for their education goals. They prepare their plan of action every day to ensure maximum productivity. Teachers have a lot of knowledge about everything, specifically in the subject they specialize in. A good teacher expands their knowledge continues to provide good answers to their students.

20 best World Teachers Day Quotes

  1. Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.
  2. Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I
  3. Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.
  4. Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.
  5. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
  6. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
  7. To teach is to learn twice over.
  8. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
  9. All students can learn and succeed, but not in the same way and not.
  10. Good teaching is one-fourth of preparation and three-fourths of theatre.
  11. “If you are planning for a year, sow rice, If you are planning for a decade, plant trees, and If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”
  12. When you get, give. When you learn, teach.
  13. “A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.”
  14. “Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” 
  15. Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”
  16. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle
  17. “Teaching means creating situations where structures can be discovered.”
  18. What a child can do today with assistance, she will be able to do by herself tomorrow.”
  19. “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”
  20. “The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day.” -Todd Whitaker

Teachers Day Speech

 A teacher is a person who plays a pivotal role in molding a student’s life. Some teachers remain in your memory as a key to a few life problems. The Teacher imparts not only academic knowledge but also shares ethical values, and imbibes morality that shapes our personality as better human beings. A teacher falls next in line with parents to help students balance positivity and negativity and spend maximum time of childhood in shaping a student’s life. A teacher is a life-changing role model who influences your growth development, inculcating important everyday values. They are the building blocks of society with immense patience, tolerance, and a bright shimmering smile.

To assist students with relevant information on Teachers, here is a long and short essay as a guide for the assignments. Additionally, ten simple pointers provide a basic guideline upon which one can frame comprehension.


World Teachers Day Theme 2021

As per UNESCO the 2021 world teachers day will focus on the support teachers need to fully contribute to the recovery process under the theme “Teachers at the heart of education recovery.

  • Teachers help students and other people learn and progress their life.
  • The teacher is responsible for shaping the career and lives of his/her students.
  • Teachers feel honor and pride to direct their students towards the right path of life.
  • Every student is equal in the teacher’s eyes; they never do partiality.

When is World Teachers’ Day Celebrated?

Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 October 2021 each year all over the world.

Teachers’ Day Theme for 2021

As per UNESCO the 2021 world teachers day will focus on the support teachers need to fully contribute to the recovery process under the theme “Teachers at the heart of education recovery.

JKBOSE Class 11th Result 2020, Latest update

JKBOSE Class 11th result

According to the sources JKBOSE is all set to declare the class 11th results for Kashmir division.

Jkbose will declare the Class 11th results in next few days, sources also say that the passing percentage is better this time as compared to previous years.

JKbose result for class 11th students of 2020 – 2021 session.

Download jkbose class 11th marks card, marks card download from www.jkbose.ac.in.

JKBOSE 11class result on the official websiteClick here
11th class jkbose result on India Results websiteClick here
Result dateApril 2021

Important links

ResultAnnual Kashmir Division
Total marks500

Further check or download your jkbose class 11th marks sheet.

Examclass 11th Result
Gazettecheck PDF

How to check jkbose class 11th result

It is very easy to check jkbose class 11th result, I am sharing these following tips to check your result

  1. Open www.jkbose.ac.in on your browser or chrome.
  2. then click on the notification “JKBOSE Class 11th Annual Regular Kashmir Division Result”.
  3. or directly click on this link:
  4. Meanwhile, After opening this link, enter your name or roll no and then press Check result.
  5. Finally, you can see your result on your phone or desktop screen.

by this way you can check your class 11th result both Name wise and Roll No wise.

JKBOSE Class 11th Gazette 2021 – Kashmir division

Download jkbose class 11th gazette 2021 for Kashmir division, results declared in march and we have uploaded the pdf of class 11th.

Class 11thGazette in PDF

JKBOSE Class 11th Gazette 2021

  • open this pdf
  • touch the search bar and enter the name / roll no / school name
  • and finally, you can check your results

JKBOSE Applying for revaluation or rechecking of papers

Here i will teach you that how you can apply for revaluation or rechecking of papers online on www.JKBOSE.ac.in Website.

Read these following guidelines before applying for rechecking of answer copies:

  1. open the official website of the Jammu and Kashmir board of school education
  2. now click on the link (Apply for revaluation for class 11th students)
  3. then enter your roll no
  4. furthermore enter your name, email id, mobile no, and also select the subjects you want to get rechecked.
  5. and then finally press submit button and pay the fees which are 220 rupees per subject.
  6. you can also select more than 1 subject.
  7. Also, you can see how the rechecking window looks like the below-given picture

About Exam – JKBOSE :

Candidates who appeared for the JKBOSE Class 11th exam conducted by the J&K Board of school education gave their Exam successfully in December 2020 & January 2021. The Exam was of both theory & Objective type and it consists of Multiple Choices Questions (MCQ) as well, the exam was conducted for the Maximum of 100 Marks and the time allowed for this Exam was of 3 hours, and there was no negative marking.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

When will Jkbose declare class 11th result?

after 10 April 2021.

How to check Jkbose Result?

Open www.jkbose.ac.in on your browser or chrome.
then click on the notification “JKBOSE Class 11th Annual Regular Kashmir Division Result”.
After opening this link, enter your name and then press Check result.What is the full form of JKBOSE

Who is the Jkbose Chairman?

Veena Pandita

JKBOSE Topper – Meet Mahruk Ayoub from Bandipora


JKBOSE Topper from Bandipora – Girls continue to outshine Boys in Board Exams in Bandipora; Mahruk Ayoub among toppers in Bandipora
In the recently announced Board Exams, Girls continue to outshine Boys securing top ranks.

The story of Bandipora is no different than the other parts of the valley. Here also girls bagged the top positions.
Mahruk Ayoub- a girl from the Qazipora area of North Kashmir’s Bandipora has secured 99.6 percent marks

in the matriculation and is among the top scorers in the valley and Bandipora district.
Mahruk, who scored 498 marks, is the daughter of a teacher- Ayub Showkat and studied in Space Age school in Bandipora.
While talking to a reporter, Mahrukh dedicated her success to her parents who

supported her all along and never gender discriminated against her.

“I am never discriminated by my parents on the basis of gender, says JKBOSE Class 10th Topper

In fact, I get Support all along that bore fruits with me passing the exam with flying colors”.
She said she has never let her down and has been supportive even if I didn’t do well in exams.

“Their appreciation has helped me do well in my studies and the result is before all,” Mahruk JKBOSE 10th Topper says.

Teachers Help for Mahruk

She also thanked her teachers for their hand holding all along during the lockdown who were always guiding her especially

Mr. Aijaz Ahmad who according to Mahruk helped her in her studies and would always attend to her whenever she needed.
With COVID-19 also impacting the studies, Mahrukh said that teachers helped her tackle that even when the internet was “too slow” for studies.

Besides she also thanked Professor Ismail Ashna, the chairperson of the school,

who she says has been always there to boost their morale and helped them to dream big. “I feel proud as I am getting appreciation from everyone here, which inspires me more.”
While giving a message to the young generation she said that “Everyone must chase their dreams with positive intentions in their mind, which will help them to achieve their goals.”

Mahruk Ayoub is the JKBOSE Class 10th Board exam Topper from Bandipora.


JKBOSE Class 10th Topper from Ganderbal district – 500/500

JKBOSE Class 10th Topper

JKBOSE Class 10th Topper Tabasum Gulzar is a resident of Ganderbal, she scored 500 out of 500 Marks.

She studies at Public high school watlar Ganderbal.

On friday morning JKBOSE declared the Class 10th annual results for Kashmir Division.

Students were eagerly waiting for the Class 10th Results since last 2 months.

When asked about the effect of Lockdowns and Corona Virus in Kashmir valley and how she prepared for the Examination, Tabasum says;

I made my preparations very simple, I kept myself away from any type of pressure.

I made my notes and kept everything as simple as I can, I focused on my studies.

Support from School Teachers

My Teachers always supported me, Today almost everyone is educated

but still still would say that my teachers support helped me to achieve these marks.

I wish the way my teachers supported me, other students also get the same support from their teachers, Iqra says.

What subjects/streams will you opt for now?

I like Science and Math very much, I want to pursue my carrier on these subjects which is medical + Math.

I have good hold on all the 10th class subjects, and that is what helped me to score 100%

in the JKBOSE class 10th examination.

Iqra says that today most of the students who fail in these board exams attempt suicides and which is not a right thig to do.

Even our religion doesn’t allow us to think about these things.

My only advice to them is that focus on those sections where you have a good hold and you can excel.

life always gives a more and opportunities and we need to focus on those parts.

Iqra basically hails from Walter, Ganderbal district

AIM of JKBOSE Class 10th Topper Iqra

My AIM is to become a good doctor, Furthermore I want to contribute to my People of Kashmir.

I will work very hard for my future plans and would like to see myself in any Medical College of Kashmir.

JKBOSE Class 10th Result Gazette

The Gazette for JKBOSE class 10th is available, and you can check anyone’s result from here.

JKBOSE Class 10th Gazette PDF

JKBOSE Class 10th 12th Result – Check Now


The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education conducts annual and biannual exams every year for the students of J&K.

JKBose is a recognized School education board by the Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir, you can check the JKbose class 10th Annual and JKBose Class 10th Bi-Annual Results here easily.

JKBose 10th Class Results

JKBose will announce the results for Kashmir Division Students in the month of March 2021, and once the results are announced

we will update both the Result link by JKBose and Gazette aswell.

JKbose Class 10th ResultsCheck Your Result

The link will be updated as soon as the results are declared by Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education.

So please stay connected with us and keep visiting this article.

Bose will declare Results of Class 10th Students in coming days.

JKBOSE Class 10th Gazette 2021 – Download

The JKBose declares results in both Gazette format and Online, a Gazette is a PDF file which has results of all the students appeared in the final exam.

JKBOSE Class 10th GazetteDownload Gazette

How to Download Class 10th Gazette

Click here to download the Class 10th JKbose Result Gazette | Download Now

Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education ✅ Result download, meanwhile you can check above in the Gazette Block.


The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education conducts annual and Bi-Annual Examinations for the Jammu division students of Class 10th.

Meanwhile JKbose has not issued any statement about the result announcement of Jammu division.

But once the Annual or Bi-Annual Results are declared we will update the Result Link here

JKBOSE Jammu Division Class 11th ResultCheck Here Now

Note: Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Exams were differed and conducted very late for both winter and summer session.

What is the Total Passing Percentage for each Subject

The Passing Percentage for all the subjects excluding mathematics is 33%, means a student should score at least 33 Marks out of 100 Marks to get pass.

Meanwhile, A Student needs to score at least 36% in Math, means a students has to score 36 Marks out of 100 Marks in the Math Subject according to JKBOSE.

Similarly Check Class 12th JKBOSE Result:

JKBOSE Class 12th ResultCheck Result

Important Notification for JKBose Class 12th Students

JKBose Class 12th
Class 12th Exam Pattern

JKBose authorities have made changes in the examination pattern of class 12th students from this session.

The new Notification by JKBose concludes as:

Notification for the Academic session 2019-20

It is Notified for the information of the candidates of Higher Secondary Part-II (Class 12th)

for the academic session 2019-2020

(in case of Kashmir division/winter zone Areas of Jammu Division and U.T of Ladakh).

From the academic session 2020-21 (in case of summer zone areas of Jammu division)

that the pattern /design of question papers has been modified.

the new question papers shall now be framed taking into consideration the parameters viz analytical approach, critical thinking, and objective, etc

on the analogy of Central Board of School Education – CBSE for the Annual Regular).

Examination Scheduled to be held in October – November 2020 (in case of Kashmir Division/ Winter zone areas of Jammu division and U.T of Ladakh).

February – march 2021 (in case of summer zone areas of Jammu Division).

Class 12th JKBose New Exam Pattern

The Model Question papers are available on both the Official and the JKYouth websites.

The Examination of Reappear/failure candidates on the old pattern of question papers shall continue held for only one year in two subsequent examinations.

So it means that you will have to change the pattern of reading for your upcoming examinations, you have to adopt the learning pattern of CBSE.

Guess what? if JKBose had not made this Change, you would have been still with that old tough and boring exam pattern.

So literary students should study accordingly, it will boast their Knowledge.

Now you may have many question like, How can we prepare ourselves for this new examination pattern?

well you don’t need to worry because very soon JKBose will share the Exam pattern Model Papers on their Official Handle.

and will also guide each class 12th student properly after the opening of their schools.

Thanks to the officlas who have accepted the long pending demand of thousands of Jammu Kashmir students.

to make this change in the pattern and increase the quality of examination.

View JKSSB Jal Shakti Vacancies in PDF

FAQs About JKBose

what is the main website of JKBose?


Will JKBose conduct 12th class examination in Objective Type?


JKBose Syllabus class 10th – Mathematics

JKBose Syllabus Class 10th Mathematics

Download JKBose class 10th Maths Syllabus

Syllabus for the Mathematics subject of Class 10th, PDF file, The state board of School Education Jammu and Kashmir Syllabus:

Download the PDF file of 10th Math course by JKBose

JKBose 10th Maths Subject and Marks

01Number Systems05 Marks
02Algebra29 Marks
03Trigonomentry14 Marks
04Coordinate Geometry08 Marks
05Geometry22 Marks
06Mensuration11 Marks
07Statistics and Probability11 Marks
TOTAL100 Marks
Unit wise Marks for Mathematics subject of JKBose class 10th


Real Numbers 05 Marks

Euclid’s division lemma, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic statements after reviewing work done earlier and after illustrating and motivating through examples. Proofs of results-irrationality of, decimal expansions of rational numbers in terms of terminating / non terminating recurring decimals.


  • Polynomials 05 Marks

Zeros of a Polynomial. Relationship between zeros and Coefficients of a Polynomial with particular reference to quadratic polynomials. Statement and simple problems on division algorithm for polynomials with real coefficients.

  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two variables 07 Marks

Pair of Linear equations in two variables. Geometric representations of different possibilities of solutions/ inconsistency. Algebraic conditions for a number of solutions. Solutions of pair of linear equations in two variables algebraically – by substitution, by elimination, and by cross multiplication. Simple situational problems must be included. Simple problems on equations reducible to linear equations may be included

  • Quadratic Equations 10 Marks

Standard form of a quadratic equations ax2 + bx + c = 0 ( a # 0 ). Solutions of quadratic equations ( only real roots ) by factorization and by completing the square i.e. by using the quadratic formula. Relationship between discriminant and nature of roots. Problems related to day to day activities to be incorporated.

  • Arithmetic Progressions(AP) 07 Marks

Motivation for studying AP. Derivation of standard results of finding the nth term and sum of first n terms.


  • Introduction to Trigonometry 07 Marks

Trigonometric ratios of an acute angle of a right-angled triangle. Proof of their existence ( well defined); motivate the ratios, whichever are defined at 0degree and 90. Value ( with proofs ) of the trigonometric ratios of 30degree, 45, and 60. Relationships between the ratios.

Trigonometric Identities: Proof and applications of the identity sin 2 A + cos2 A + 1. Only simple identities to be given. Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles.

  • Heights and Distances 07 Marks

Simple and believable problems on heights and distances. Problems should not Involve more than two right triangles. Angles of elevation/ depression should be only 30, 45, 60 degree.


Lines ( in two- dimensions) 08 Marks

Review the concepts of coordinate geometry done earlier including graphs of linear equations. Awareness of geometrical representations of quadratic polynomials. Distance between two points and section formula ( internal ). Area of a triangle.


  • Triangles 09 Marks

Definitions, examples, counterexamples of similar triangles.

( Prove) If a line is drawn parallel to one side of a triangle to intersect the other two sides in distinct points, the other two sides are divided in the same ratio.

( Motivate ) If a line divides two sides of a triangle in the same ratio, the line is parallel to the third side.

( Motivate ) If in two triangles, the corresponding angles are equal, their corresponding sides are proportional and the triangles are similar.

JKBose Class 10th Maths Geometry Syllabus

( Motivate ) If the corresponding sides of two triangles are proportional, their corresponding angles are equal and the two triangles are similar.

( Motivate ) If one angle of a triangle is equal to one angle of another triangle and the sides including these angles are proportional, the two triangles are similar.

( Motivate ) If a perpendicular is drawn from the vertex of the right angle to the hypotenuse, the triangles on each side of the perpendicular are similar to the whole triangle and to each other.

Also check JKBose Class 10th English Syllabus

( Prove) The ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of the squares on their corresponding sides.

( Prove ) in a right triangle, the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.

( Prove) In a triangle, if the square on one side is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides, the angles opposite to the side is a right triangle.

  • Circles 06 Marks

Tangents to a circle motivated by chords drawn from points coming closer and closer to the point.

( Prove) The tangent at any point of a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact.

( Prove ) The lengths of tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.

  • Constructions 07 Marks

Division of a line segment in a given ratio ( Internally )

Tangent to a circle from a point outside it.

Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle.


  • Areas Related to Circles 04 Marks

Motivate the area of a circle; area of sectors and segments of a circle. Problems based on areas and perimeter/ circumference of the above-said plane figures.

(In calculating the area of a segment of a circle, problems should be restricted to the central angle of 60, 90, and 120 degrees only. Plane figures involving triangles, simple quadrilateral, and circle should be taken).

  • Surface Areas and Volumes 07 Marks

Problems on finding surface areas and volumes of combinations of any two of the following cubes, cuboids, spheres, hemispheres, and right circular cylinders/ cones. Frustum of cone.

Problems involving converting one type of metallic solid into another and other mixed problems. (Problems with combination of not more than two different solids be taken).


  • Statics 07 Marks

Mean, median, and mode of grouped data ( Bimodal situation to be avoided). Cumulative frequency graph.

  • Probability 04 Marks

Classical definition of Probability. Connection with probability as given in Class IX. Simple problems on single events, not using set notation.

Also you can download the PDF file of the same

JKYouth Facebook Group

Official website of JKBose

When will JKBose declare class 10th Results?

1st week of January

JKBose Class 10th English Subject Syllabus