Normalization in JKSSB Competitive Exams

What is Normalization in JKSSB Exams? The Service Selection Board has uploaded an official notice regarding Normalization in all the JKSSB Class IV Examination.

Meanwhile, The commission has revealed the formula for Normalization which will be used to calculate the final score of candidates in the multishift examinations.

Nowadays, a number of exams are being conducted in multiple shifts and it is not possible to set the same difficulty level for the exam.

Due to which the marks scored by the candidates in different shifts vary.

Now, the challenge is how to end this problem? The answer to this question is Normalization.

What is JKSSB Normalization

Additionally, JKSSB has clearly mentioned in their Notification of Class IV Examination that:

“The Services Selection Board shall as far as possible hold
single examination for filling these vacancies. However, if for
logistical reason or any other consideration, the Board shall
not be able to hold a single examination and candidates are
called to appear in Batches/Shifts in the examination, Meanwhile, the
The board shall use a normalization process for preparing the merit
list and determination of cut off marks for the purposes of
selection process. The decision of the Board in this regard shall
be final”.

Furthermore, there will be no provision for re-evaluation/rechecking of
scores. No matter what.

Candidates are not allow to write any personal
identity e.g name, roll number, mobile number, address, etc on
the Answer Book. The candidates who fail to adhere to these
instructions will be awarded zero marks, even if marks are
awarded during the Evaluation Process.

How will JKSSB measure Marks?

Normalization is a process to adjust values measured on different scales to a notionally
common scale.
Moreover, It is done to evaluate the performance of the candidates on the basis of similar exam
parameters and aims to adjust the difficulty level across different shifts of the exam.
Eg: This year, JKSSB conducted the JKSSB Class IV examination in 3 shifts, and a lot of students from
various shifts were complaining about unevenness in the difficulty level of the questions
and it was unfair to evaluate their result as it was not their fault to lie in that particular

For example, the average marks, scored by the students in the first shift were 60 out of
100 and in the second and third shift students were able to score 70 out of 200.

The reason was the difference in the difficulty level of the question paper & hence the aspirants were
unable to score more in the first shift.
To tackle this situation, JKSSB is now following the process of normalization.
This time JKSSB, in its official notification, has clearly stated that the marks scored by the candidates will be normalized.

Furthermore you can comment below this Article, and tell us what you think about this Normalization process.

Also we believe that Normalization is not a Good idea, Exam should conclude in a single day.

And all students should give single paper.

Also Check the Official Notification : Click Here

6 thoughts on “Normalization in JKSSB Competitive Exams”

  1. the normalisation process is the cause of corruption again as no candidate is able to chk how his and scores of other candidates were normalized only deptt has its knowledge ..This is the process which alows backdoor entry

  2. this normalization is done for backdoor entries i got suck of it my 3 marks r deducted and bcoz of it i didn’t fall in merit the final cutoff marks for distt rajouri is 47.23 my score is 45.65 now after deducting 3 marks this is transparency


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