How to Join RAW in India 2023: Eligibility, Postings, Job Profile, Training and Other Details

How to Join RAW in India? Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) recruit its officers and agents in different ways. One of the ways to join RAW in India is through UPSC Civil Services Exam (Group-A IAS, IPS, IRS & IFS Officers).

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the foreign intelligence agency of India. Its primary function is gathering foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, advising Indian policymakers, and advancing India’s foreign strategic interests. The agency is also involved in the Security of India’s Nuclear Programme.

Name of the departmentResearch and Analysis Wing
Known AsRAW
ObjectiveTo carry espionage mission and protect the safety of India
Authority that manages the departmentPMO
Minimum QualificationGraduation from any University
Present RAW ChiefSamant Goel

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How RAW Officers are recruited?

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) recruit candidates from government departments in India, Armed forces, Intelligence Agencies, Police Services, Administrative Services, etc. However, this does not mean selection in RAW only happens from these services.

RAW Eligibility Criteria:

A big question is in our mind How to become a RAW Agent? The answer is a good Educational Qualification and great work experience. Becoming a RAW agent is a difficult task. A candidate must be mentally and physically fit. Below are the complete RAW Officer Eligibility Criteria with nationality, age limit, educational qualification, and Professional Experience:

  • The candidate should be a citizen of India.
  • Candidates must not have any criminal background.
  • Applicants must not be drug addicts.
  • Candidates must possess good education from a reputed University and should also have a grasp on one foreign language at least.
  • Candidates should be ready to travel to any part of the country with a short period of notice.
  • Applicant should be real what actually he is.
  • Those who are applying should not tell their friends and family.
  • The officers looking to get into RAW should have 20 years of experience.
Raw Agent Eligibility CriteriaDetails
Educational QualificationA Candidate must Graduate from a recognized organization or Institute is required to get a job opportunity in RAW.

Sometimes it is required to have a command in 1 foreign language. Moreover, the candidate should have good communication skills and sharp memory power.
NationalityThe candidate must be an Indian and he/she must not have any criminal record or any pending court cases.
Age LimitThere is no specific age limit for the desirable candidates but he/she should be below the age of 56 years.
Professional ExperienceCandidates with an experience of more than 20 years in the service is preferred.

Different Posts in RAW

There are various posts on which a candidate can work in RAW and serve the nation. The descriptions of some of the posts are as follows.

Ranks in RAW

Secretary/Additional Secretary (R)Class I / Group A Officers
Joint SecretaryClass I / Group A Officers
Director/Deputy Secretary/AttacheClass I / Group A Officers
Senior Field OfficerGroup A Officers
Field OfficerGroup A Officers
Deputy Field OfficerGroup A Officers
Assistant Field OfficerGroup B Officers

Field Officers

The field officers or ground officers are the backbones of RAW. A field officer has to work in the most difficult circumstances. Such officers are also included in the RAW from police administration, intelligence offices, military administration, and other departments.


It is an office desk job at RAW India. However, it is also a very difficult job full of immense responsibility. Analysts play a vital role in helping Field Officers in whatever way possible. Analysts also help the organization in making planning and strategies.


RAW also hires specialists from various fields in order to tackle any kind of situation. RAW can offer you great opportunities if you are a cyber expert, a ninja computer programmer, or a person with any other expertise.

Director of RAW

The director of RAW has huge responsibility regarding Indian securities on its shoulders. That’s why you need to be very highly qualified in order to get this post. Mostly, directors are selected from India Police Services (IPS) and other 1st grade officials in Indian Government divisions.

Duties of a RAW Officer

You should know that there is no fixed job description of RAW Agents or Field Officers. It is a secret job, they have to do the task assigned to them. Some of the important duties of Raw Agents and officers are as follows.

  • To keep a watchful eye on the enemy activities and inform authorities about the same.
  • Monitor what’s happening around the country and predict what can be a threat to national security.
  • Prevent and eliminate threats to India’s national security without India and outside.
  • Ensure security of prominent Indian leaders in India and in foreign countries.
  • RAW agents also play a role in the security of world leaders visiting India.

How to become a RAW Officer in India in 2023?

A lot of enthusiastic candidates in India want to become RAW Agent to serve the nation. However, it is not that easy. Check out the following points to understand the complete recruitment process of RAW.

  • Initially, RAW used to hire trained offers from the external wing of the Intelligence Bureau (IB). It is also used to recruit officers from the Indian Armed Forces, Police and Indian Revenue Service.
  • Now, RAW has its own service cadre (Research and Analysis Service), it absorbs talent om other Group A Civil Services, under the Central Staffing Scheme.
  • Class 1 officers going under the foundation course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration are interviewed by Raw at the end of the course. Candidates are then inducted into RAW on the basis of Psychological tests and interviews.
  • Apart from this, jobs at RAW are also offered to those who clear the UPSC examination.
  • In addition to this, lateral deputation is also done from the Officer corps of Armed Forces or Group A Civil Service Officers

How to Join RAW in India after 12th?

To become a raw agent the candidate passes through two difficult examinations, once SSC or UPSC CSE exam and second is raw written exam and interview which arranged by raw administration.

In which only those officers who clear the written exam can give the ,second exam, interview. The officers who cleared the interview are sent for raw training.

There are mainly two departments in RAW

  • GD – Ground Works
  • Tele – Technical Works


In this, there are those people who belong to the Physics, Chemistry, Math stream, their job is to collect information from the border and different places and deliver it to their officer.

Technical works

In this, there are people who come from the engineering field and their work is to make advanced level equipment, hacking, develop communication skills, trace calls, hack emails etc.

FAQs Indian Raw – Research and Analysis Wing

  1. Can a girl join RAW?

    Yes, RAW is an intelligence service that hires both men and women.

  2. How do I become a RAW agent after 12th Class?

    There is no direct recruitment for 12th Pass candidates in RAW. You may complete your graduation and prepare for UPSC civil service examinations or can also Join Armed Forces and later can get inducted in the Indian RAW Agency.

  3. What is the Official Website of Indian RAW?

  4. Salary given to a RAW Officer in India in 2023?

    The pay for a RAW agent varies depending on a number of variables, including experience, job description, length of employment, etc. A Grade-A level official typically receives between Rs 80,000 and Rs 1,50,000 per month.

  5. What is the full form of RAW?

    RAW is an acronym for India’s Research and Analysis Wing, a foreign intelligence service. It was established on September 21st, 1968.

  6. Age required to be a RAW officer?

    Candidates for Intelligence Bureau positions must be under the age of 56. Candidates for RAW agents must have 20 years of experience in the military.

  7. Where is the Headquarter of RAW located?

    The headquarters of RAW is located in New Delhi.

  8. Who is the best RAW agent?

    Born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan on 11 April 1952, Ravindra Kaushik was just 23 when he first went undercover for RAW. He is regarded as India’s best spy to ever penetrate the ranks of the Pakistan army and received the nickname – The Black Tiger, by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He passed on critical information to the Indian defence forces from the year 1973 to 1983.

  9. What is the full form of Raw in hindi?

    अनुसन्धान और विश्लेषण स्कन्ध is the full form of Raw in hindi.

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