Justice Jitendra Kumar Mishra’s Video goes viral on Internet, Was making out with a Junior inside Court chamber

On Tuesday evening a video started circulating on the Internet, Justice Jitendra Kumar Mishra was seen getting intimated inside his court chamber, many have alleged that the woman in his opposite is a Junior in the court and is working as a Stenographer in his chamber, the said woman was forced to get physical with Justice Jitendra alleged many Internet Users.

Justice is sitting in the position of authority and having sexual relations with a junior, even with consent should be considered as sexual harassment at workplace. consent should not be a matter in this case because judge is using his authority to generate Consent.

The video seems to be of 9th of March 2022, and has went viral recently.

In the wake of the release and subsequent viral success of the Jitendra Kumar Mishra Judge Viral Video, the public first learned of this incident when a number of other posts associated with his account began to spread across various online platforms.

One of the most talked about topics on the web, the footage is receiving a lot of attention. The video contained sexually explicit material.

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