PAGD terms BJP govt’s claims of development as concocted stories

PAGD terms BJP govt’s claims of development as concocted stories 1

Srinagar: The Peoples’ Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) on Friday said that claims of “development” in Jammu and Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370 as “red herring.”

“The claims of the BJP government that the abrogation of Article 370 and downgrading of a state with special status into two union territories has paved the way for new industries, created new employment opportunities, decreased terror incidents, brought an atmosphere of peace and security, nurtured democracy, eradicated corruption, brought new Central laws for the betterment of people in this region are nothing but a concocted and fabricated stories while the ground situation belies these claims,” PAGD spokesperson M Y Tarigami said in a statement to GNS.

He said the claims in a recently released report by the Union Home ministry titled “The dream of one nation, one law, one symbol fulfilled: After effective removal of the provisions of Article 370, the picture has changed: a new start in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh” are far from the reality. “The reality is that there is a systematic disempowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir that is continuing to happen, through a bureaucratic rule.”

He said the projects mentioned in the booklet are mostly approved by the earlier governments but shown to have been the outcome of abrogation of Art 370. “Reality is that Nashri Tunnel, Zojilla Tunnel, the establishment of 50-degree colleges and various medical colleges are projects approved much before the abrogation of Art 370.”

On 7 November 2015, he said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Srinagar announced a reconstruction program during the PDP-BJP coalition government of about Rs 80,000 crore known as the Prime Minister’s Development Package, to strengthen the social-economic infrastructure and for the development of Jammu & Kashmir.

“It is claimed that after the re-organization of the erstwhile state, 53 projects of Rs 58,477 crores in J&K and nine projects of Rs 21,441 crore in Ladakh are under progress which is part of the PM’s 2015 package. How can you attribute this progress to abrogation of Art 370?”
Similarly, he said, the BJP government is boasting of implementation of various laws, like Land Reforms and RTI Act which is claimed to have been effective now. “This is a blatant lie as the State of Jammu and Kashmir was a pioneer in implementing the revolutionary land reforms laws which no other state has done except Kerala to some extent. Similarly, the erstwhile state’s own RTI Act was stronger than the Union law. Its repeal when Article 370 was read down has led to chaos and complications. Without knowing the facts of the matter, BJP leaders had maintained that the people of J&K had no access to information under the Right to Information Act until Article 370 was read down.”

On the employment front, he said, “we lag far behind and have assumed the highest unemployment proportion as compared to the pre-August 2019 period. The filling up of vacancies is a routine exercise which was being done earlier also and now attributing it to the post abrogation era is beyond our comprehension. Whichever way we look at it, the removal of special status and of restrictions on land purchase by outsiders will not add an iota of employment; on the contrary, it will most likely cause a reduction in employment in the region, even as land passes into the hands of rich outsiders from Delhi or Mumbai.

The unemployment rate is highest in India in the last 45-years and in J&K it is worse than that.”
Prior to abrogation of Article 370, he said, not only had Jammu and Kashmir kept pace with the other States in improvement in human development indices (HDI), some of the indicators pertaining to literacy rates, marriage and fertility, child sex ratios, and school attendance rates for girls over six years of age were relatively better than those for Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.

“The projects pertaining to strengthening of power infrastructure and flood mitigation were in execution pre-abrogation era as routine developmental activities. Similarly in the industrial sector also the present policy is nothing but a replica of old industrial policy. The credit for conception, approval, execution, and completion of Srinagar’s long-awaited Ram Bagh flyover, IIT campus, and AIIMS, Jammu goes to the earlier governments.

The BJP and the present dispensation cannot claim any credit for construction of Atal Tunnel, Jammu Semi Ring Road and 8.45 km long, new Banihal Tunnel, and World’s tallest 467-meter bridge on river Chenab.”

He said that it is really baffling and misleading to claim high moral ground in implementing the PM Kisan Scheme and PMAY. Jammu and Kashmir is getting benefitted the same way as other states and UTs. claiming to implementation of Jammu & Kashmir under Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Scheme in which 4.4 lakh beneficiaries have been verified in this scheme, 1.77 lakh treatments have been authorized in the hospitals of J&K, for which, an amount of Rs 146 crores has been authorized.”  The simple question is what relevance it has with the abrogation of Art 370, he said. “This scheme is in vogue in the rest of India as well. So attributing this to abrogation of  Art 370 is not correct.”

One of the much-touted success stories of the NDA government has been its achievement in getting bank accounts opened for women under programs to expand their financial inclusion and gender equality, he said. “However, even before the NDA assumed power, government data reveal that significant progress was made in Jammu and Kashmir in the past decade. States were ranked on the basis of the extent of financial inclusion for women and household autonomy.”

The NFHS-4 (2015-16), which collected data on women with bank accounts, found that at the all-India level, the percentage of women with bank accounts increased from 15.5 percent in 2005-06 to 53 percent in 2015-16, he said. “In Jammu and Kashmir, the percentage of women with bank accounts increased from 22 percent to 60 percent, which, if anything, compares well with the all-India average and appears to be better than the increases in Bihar, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and even Karnataka.”

In fact, he said, the figure for Jammu and Kashmir was ahead in social indicators as that of Gujarat in 2015-2016, whose model of development has been held as a beacon by the BJP, worthy of emulation by other States.

“The slogan of “development”, in short, is a red herring. Why then has the central government done what it has? The common answer is that it has been a long-standing demand of the Hindutva elements, with an eye no doubt on altering the demographic composition of the only Muslim-majority state in the country, rather like Israel is doing on Palestinian lands,” he said, adding, “In fact, this government is the product of a Hindutva-corporate alliance, almost everything it does also caters to a pro-corporate agenda, apart from promoting Hindutva. Opening up the Kashmir Valley to its corporate patrons, not so much for expanding the volume of productive economic activities but for land acquisition for real estate development or for sheer speculation on land price, is also an added incentive. Such real estate development adds little to the level of employment, but it subtracts employment if the land was being used for some productive activities before.”

The presence of Article 370 was not an impediment in the overall development of the State as claimed by the government, he said.

“All government data and surveys indicate a marked improvement in almost all human development indices in the State.” (GNS)

Kashmir University Boys Hostel accommodation selection list

Kashmir university

The following bonafide students of the University have been provisionally selected for accommodation in
the Boys Hostels of the University (Main and Zakura Campus). The selected students are directed to
approach the office of the Provost to collect authority slips and submit the same in the offices of the
hostels allotted to them and complete the other required formalities by or before 15th Oct. 2021 in the
same offices (Warden offices).
Students having any query/ grievance(s) about the selection list need to contact the office of the Provost by or
before 8th Oct. 2021 beyond which no grievance will be entertained.

KU Boys Hostel Selection List

Kashmir University notifies girls seeking hostel accommodation

Kashmir university

It is for the information of all the Postgraduate Students desirous of seeking
accommodation in various girls’ hostels, that they may approach the office of the
undersigned to find the possibility of their accommodation. However, only those
candidates shall be considered who fulfill the criteria as laid down in the University
Accommodation Policy. Accommodation shall be provided till the available vacancies
are filled.

Candidates have already applied for accommodation vide Notification No. No:
F3(Acc-GH)KU/20, Dated December 15, 2020, is also directed to approach the office of
the undersigned for the said purpose.

JKSSB Document Verification for Depot Assistant and Class IV posts

JKSSB recruitment

Document Verification of candidates for the Posts of Depot Assistant,
(Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Deptt) and Class IV, (Revenue
Department) of the various districts of Kashmir Division, advertised vide
Advertisement Notification No.03 of 2020 dated: 01.12.2020.

All such candidates who were called for Document Verification Posts of Depot
Assistant, (Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Deptt) and Class IV, (Revenue
Department) of the various districts of Kashmir Division, advertised vide Advertisement
Notification No.03 of 2020 dated: 01.12.2020 (PM Package for Kashmiri Migrants
& Non-Migrant Kashmiri Pandits) vide this office notice nos.

SSB/COE/Mig/2021/5280-89 Dated 30.07.2021, SSB/COE/Mig/2021 /5280-89
dated 30-07-2021 and SSB/Secy/Mig/2021/6222-30 dated 21-09-2021, but could
not appear before the Document Verification Committee on the scheduled date due to various
reasons are hereby given LAST and FINAL opportunity to appear before the Document
Verification Committee on 05 and 06th of October, 2021 at Central Office of the J&K
Services Selection Board, at Hema Complex, Sector -3, Channi Himmat, Jammu or
at Zum Zum Building, Rambagh, Srinagar, at 10.30 AM sharp, failing which no claim
in this regard shall be entertained.

Devender Singh Rana meets protesting contractual employees of NHM

GMC Srinagar Disengages 93 Paramedical Staff with Immediate Effect

Provincial President (Jammu) Devender Singh Rana interacted with the protesting contractual employees of National Health Mission (NHM) outside GMC, Jammu. Other party functionaries were also present.

Chaotic scenes were witnessed on Friday after police tried to remove NHM workers, who are in protest for the last three consecutive days outside GMC Jammu, protesting against their termination orders.

Officials told a local news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that hundreds of police tried to remove the NHM employees who were engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic have been protesting for the last three days against their termination orders, leading to chaos.

They said that they are protesting since Wednesday and on Thursday police tried to remove them, leading to chaos.

JK Police hits protesting NHM workers in GMC Jammu

JK Police hits protesting NHM workers in GMC Jammu 3

Chaotic scenes were witnessed on Friday after police tried to remove NHM workers, who are in protest for the last three consecutive days outside GMC Jammu, protesting against their termination orders.

Officials told a local news agency Kashmir News Observer that hundreds of police tried to remove the NHM employees who were engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic have been protesting for the last three days against their termination orders, leading to chaos.

They said that they are protesting since Wednesday and on Thursday police tried to remove them, leading to chaos.

They said the chaos continued on Friday as well after police and the NHM workers entered into a scuffle outside the main gate of GMC Jammu.

According to officials, the workers are demanding continuation of their services

Kashmiri journalist Aasif Sultan completes three years in jail

Asif Sultan

Aasif Sultan – a Kashmiri journalist who has been detained under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) since 27 August 2018 – has completed three years in prison as an undertrial during which he has not been granted bail so far.

Sultan was arrested, as per the police, on suspicion of ‘harnessing known militants’, the charges that have been repeatedly rejected by his family.

The prosecution’s case against Sultan has also significantly weakened as the key witness against Sultan – Shazia Yaqoob, who is also a co-accused in the case – has denied in the court to have met or seen him.

The journalist was detained from his home in August 2018 and arrested a few days later, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Police filed a charge sheet against him in February 2019, accusing him of sheltering militants.

Sultan has received several awards for his work from various journalist organizations across the world. Last year, Sultan was named one of TIME Magazine’s “10 Most Urgent” examples of threats to press freedom throughout the world. He is being held at the Srinagar Central Jail.

The next hearing of Sultan’s case is scheduled for 1 September 2021, as per Sabina Akhtar, his wife.

“I am hopeful that he will be released,” she said. “With every hearing, there is hope and there is fear too of him not getting bail.”

The delay in granting bail to Sultan has saddened the family but Akhtar has been hopeful throughout. “We always think that he will be released this time but that doesn’t happen. That’s how our three years passed [waiting for him to get bail],” she said.

For the last three years of Sultan’s arrest, playing the role of both the parents for her daughter has been difficult for Akhtar. “Three years have been really difficult. Don’t even ask. It’s difficult to raise a child in their father’s absence,” she said.

A month before his arrest, Sultan had written a cover story for the Kashmir Narrator magazine on Burhan Wani, a popular militant commander whose killing in 2016 by the government forces sparked a major uprising in Kashmir that lasted several months.

According to Sultan’s editor, Showkat Motta, the police had pressed Sultan to provide his sources for the article which had included conversations with non-combatant members of Wani’s militant group Hizbul Mujahideen.

Steven Butler, the Asia program coordinator of Committee for Protection of Journalists (CPJ), in a statement in September 2018 had urged the police to “immediately release Aasif Sultan from jail and halt efforts to pressure him to reveal sources or become an informer”.

“By reporting on militant activity, Sultan is performing an important public service, not committing a crime,” Butler had said.

When Sultan was arrested Areeba, his daughter, was six months old and now she has started talking and acknowledging her father’s absence. “She is three and a half years old and she (now) knows her father is in jail,” said Akhtar.

“Areeba recognizes her father’s belongings. When a child starts growing up they start comparing their life with other children, saying they have fathers and mine is not with me. She has been doing the same.”

Akhtar added: “He hasn’t done anything. When he is innocent we will definitely have hope that he will get bail.”

Akhtar has not met Sultan for more than a year, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic led to the lockdown. “I met him in March 2020. I long to meet him,” she said.

‘J&K Bank loan fraud case’| ED attaches Rs 145 cr assets of spices company

‘J&K Bank loan fraud case’| ED attaches Rs 145 cr assets of spices company 4

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has attached assets worth over Rs 145 crore of a Bengaluru-based spices company in a money-laundering probe linked to an alleged loan fraud in the J&K Bank.

The agency said in a statement issued on Wednesday that a factory building, shops, flats, and lands of the company, S A Rawther Spices Pvt Ltd, and others were provisionally attached under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

The total value of the attached properties is Rs 145.26 crore, it said. The ED case stems from an FIR filed by the anti-corruption bureau of the J-K Police against the company and its promoter director

Syed Anish Rawther, the then manager of the J&K Bank branch located at BU Infantry Road in Bengaluru, and other officials of the same bank, in August 2019.

“In the FIR, it was alleged that S A Rawther Spices Pvt Ltd defaulted loan and was declared NPA (nonperforming asset) in September, 2017.Net amount of Rs 285.81 crore was outstanding with the company besides the unapplied interest of Rs 66.91 crore against the mortgaged collateral property of Rs 171 crore,” the ED said in a statement.

During the same period, it said, the firm “also borrowed Rs 16.5 crore from HDFC Bank and Rs 25 crore from RBL Bank and mortgaged the same property, which was already mortgaged with J&K Bank Ltd.”

“The then branch manager (of J&K Bank) in connivance with promoter/director of the company caused loss to the state exchequer to the tune of Rs 352.72 crore,” the agency claimed.

The company obtained multiple loans and used them to export goods mostly to related parties and the export proceeds were never realized in India, it claimed.

“The company also diverted the funds to sister/group concerns by adjustment of their overdue export bills by releasing fresh packing credit, Inland Letters of Credit (ILC) towards dealings with sister concerns by way of accommodation of bills under the garb of ILC.”

“It was found that S A Rawther Spices Pvt Ltd has availed packing credit loans from J&K Bank and used the same for servicing installments towards term loan account of Central Trade Agency Pvt Ltd., which is a sister concern of the former company,” it said.

Physical counselling for admission to MDS courses by JKBOPEE

JKBOPEE B pharma merit list

The Board vide notification No 094-BOPEE of 2021 Dated: 25-09-2021 advised the
CO candidates if any, desire to make the representation against the position assigned to them in the
Provisional Merit List to do so up to 28-09-2021. The Board has not received any such
a representation and accordingly decided to conduct the physical round of counseling.

Candidates are advised to report at BOPEE offices Jammu/Srinagar physically for registration/attendance & fulfillment of other formalities between 08: 30 A.M. to 10: 30 A.M. Sharp along with Proof of identity.

Read Full Notification

The participating candidates shall have to deposit a counseling fee of Rs. 2000/-through
POS machine available at BOPEE office Jammu/ Srinagar.