Kashmir University Announces Summer Vacations from 28th July 2023

The University of Kashmir has recently declared its annual summer vacations, providing a well-deserved break to students, faculty, and staff members. The announcement comes as a welcome relief from the intense academic activities and scorching summer heat, granting everyone an opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate.

According to the official notification, the summer vacations are scheduled to commence from 28th July 2023 and conclude on 6th August 2023. During this period, all teaching departments of the University and its satellite campuses will remain closed, allowing students and teachers to enjoy some leisure time and spend quality moments with their families and loved ones.

It is important to note that while the teaching departments will be on vacation, the departmental offices will continue to function normally. This decision ensures that administrative tasks and important university operations are not disrupted. The Heads of the departments and Directors of campuses/centres will oversee the smooth functioning of these offices during the vacation period.

In order to maintain the academic integrity of the institution, the Heads of the departments and Directors of campuses/centres have been instructed to ensure that any pending examinations or academic activities are conducted as per the pre-scheduled timelines. This measure aims to facilitate a seamless transition into the post-vacation academic routine, allowing students to resume their studies without unnecessary delays.