Kashmir University PG Self Finance Admission Notice 2023, Apply Online

The article aims to provide comprehensive information about the admission notice for Postgraduate (PG) programs at Kashmir University in 2023 under the “Self-finance Seat” quota. It invites applications from candidates who have appeared in the Entrance Tests for various PG programs and have secured positions in the Merit Lists available on the University website. This article outlines the application process, eligibility criteria, and other important details for aspiring candidates.

Eligibility Criteria: To apply under the “Self-finance Seat” quota, candidates must fulfill specific eligibility requirements set by Kashmir University. These requirements vary based on the professional and non-professional programs offered.

Entrance Test and Merit Lists: The admission process is merit-based, and candidates are selected based on the points obtained in the Entrance Tests and their preferences submitted during the online application process. The Merit Lists are available on the University website, and candidates can check their names in the respective lists.

Application Process: Candidates can access the University website at www.kashmiruniversity.net and enter their Entrance Test Roll No. to start the application process. They need to provide the required details and preferences, following which they can download the Application Form. The application fee of Rs. 500/- can be paid online.

Important Dates: The application form can be downloaded from August 09, 2023, to August 16, 2023. Candidates must complete the application process within this period to be considered for admission under the “Self-finance Seat” quota.

Advantages of Self-finance Seats: Choosing the self-finance quota for admission provides candidates with the opportunity to secure a seat based on their merit, even if government-funded seats are limited. It offers deserving students a chance to pursue their desired PG programs.

Retaining Application Form: Candidates must keep the downloaded Application Form for record and reference purposes. While there is no need to submit a hard copy, retaining the form can be helpful during the admission process.

Contact Information: For any further queries or information, candidates are welcome to contact the University at the following phone numbers: 0194-2272063, 9797243919, 7006795110, or through email.


  1. Can candidates from any state apply for PG programs under the “Self-finance Seat” quota?

    Yes, candidates from any state can apply for PG programs at Kashmir University under the “Self-finance Seat” quota.

  2. Are there any reserved seats for certain categories under the self-finance quota?

    No, the admission under the “Self-finance Seat” quota is purely based on merit, and there are no reserved seats for any specific categories.

  3. Can candidates apply for multiple PG programs under the self-finance quota?

    Yes, candidates can apply for multiple PG programs under the self-finance quota by submitting separate application forms for each program.