KCCI Representation Suspended until Election: Announcement by DC Srinagar

Srinagar: Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar, Aijaz Asad, has announced a ban on public activities, including press conferences, by the office holders of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in the lead up to the upcoming Chamber elections. The ban has been imposed in accordance with a recent High Court order and the prevailing directions of the High Court, as well as to adhere to the model code of conduct for the elections.

According to the order issued by DC Srinagar, dated 02-02-2023, no member of the KCCI is allowed to represent themselves as an executive head or office bearer in any public or private activities or press conferences during the ongoing election process for the executive committee. This is to ensure that the election process is not influenced, directly or indirectly, by any member of the KCCI.

The order further states that any member found violating the model code of conduct will face disqualification from participating in the elections and further action will be taken under the rules.

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