Kin Punishment; a tool of authoritarian regimes, has no place in a democracy: Asiya Naqash

Srinagar : People’s Democratic Party(PDP) leader and member of its Political Affairs Committee, Asiya Naqash on Friday strongly denounced the ongoing phenomenon of attaching properties across Kashmir region under one pretext or the other.

The former MoS while reacting to the news of Mushtaq Zargar’s property in Srinagar being attached said, “In most of the cases the properties that are attached by various agencies in Kashmir include residential houses. This is a dangerous trend with the potential of jeopardizing hundreds of lives.”

“Generally, these properties are either ancestral or not registered in the names of state designated perpetrators”, she added.

Expressing anguish over the prevalent atmosphere of either bull dozing or attaching residential houses, she said that the hardearned goodwill which was created over the the period of decades and at the cost of huge sacrifices by the mainstream in Jammu & Kashmir has been undone by the current administration.

She ardently mentioned that all these coercive tactics employed in J&K are a part of the grand facistic plan implemented across the country.

“It seems Jammu & Kashmir is a propaganda silverscreen where all the coercive measures and dehumanizing mindset is displayed for the rest of the country to see. This is a deliberate strategy to appeal to a particular kind of a sentiment which caters to electoral needs of a certain party.”

“However it’s time that we realize the real costs of these actions. These actions further alienate the people of J&K from rest of the country,” said Naqash.

Asiya Naqash also made an appeal to the people across the country and urged them to stand with the innocent and conflict hit people of J&K. We can not let anybody bulldoze the houses of common Kashmiris on the pretext of punishing those who do not even live in J&K or India.

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