Mission Agnipath Recruitment 2022: Check all the details

Mission Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Government of India has decided to provide the job chances to youth in army and defence under the Mission Agnipath. Under the Short Term Based job opportunity which will be available in Defence and it will be known as  will be known as Agniveer.

Candidates, working as a Agniveer, will get handsome salary and facilities and also a suitable amount after completing their terms of Four years as Agniveer. The move will provide the job opportunity for the youth especially for those who have passion to work in defence and paramilitary jobs. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced the details during a press conference today. 

The youth will be appointed for Four  years and they will be known as Agniveer. Government will provide them handsome salary and facilities against the working as a Agniveer. They will get the handsome amount also after completing their terms of Four years as Agniveer.

The  “Department of Military Affairs” under Army Affairs Department will implement the the scheme on ground level.

Under the scheme, youth  will be  appointed for four years to  serve under the Agnipath Scheme. The move is to efforts for government to minimize the cost on defence forces and also to minimize the age profile limit.

After the completion of four years, about 80 percent of youth will be free from the services, however government can continue some of them them as per their performance during their services. 

However government will provide the pension benefit to the Agniveer but they will get other major benefit for their four year services. 

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