NEET Topper 2021: Mrinal Kutteri Wiki/Bio, Age, Coaching

Just like last year, this year too the top rank holder has obtained full marks. In fact top three rank holders have obtained 720 out of 720 marks. Mrinal Kutteri from Hyderabad has got All India Rank 1 followed by Tanmay Gupta from Delhi at rank 2, and Karthika G Nair from Mumbai at AIR 3. Karthika is also topper among females.

NameMrinal Kutteri
All India Rank1
NEET 2021 Score720 / 720
Age18 years old
CoachingAakash Institute
NEET Topper 2021: Mrinal Kutteri Wiki/Bio, Age, Coaching 1
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Mrinal Kutteri Coaching details

Mrinal Kutteria a student of Akash Institute wanted to be an Engineer until class 7th. However, after that, he changed his mind and prepared for NEET 2021 to pursue Medicine. His interest in this field came after he started playing video games based on Army. In a bid to serve the army, he wanted to become an Army doctor. However, after several changes of mind, he finally focussed on medicine and prepared to pursue MBBS.

Mrinal Kutteri Neet 2021 Strategy

Excited about his latest achievement, he told that he is going to be the first doctor from his immediate family. When asked about the schedule he followed to crack NEET 2021 with AIR 1, Mrinal said, that timetables are not his cup of tea. He elaborated that he has made multiple timetables and schedules but always fail to stick to them. “Even though every day I thought that I would follow a systematic approach to study but I failed miserably in doing so”, quoted Mrinal

After scrapping the idea of a systematic approach to studying for the NEET exam, Mrinal improvised on a lot of things. He used to merely study for 45 minutes and then go for a break, as studying for longer hours was not the ideal way for him. Hence, then he started making goals for every day and then sticking to them and making sure that they are completed on the same day.

While preparing he also busted a myth that longer hours to study result in a good academic record. He studied in batches but made sure that he is able to grasp everything in that time frame. Spilling beans on the secret ingredient that worked for him in cracking NEET 2021 exam with AIR 1, was following “what works for you“! He further said, every student is different and therefore they must look out for what works for them and help them in achieving their goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Mrinal Kutteri?

Neet Topper Mrinal Kutteri is 18 years old.

what is the Rank of Mrinal Kutteri?

His All India Rank is 1.

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