Fake Pharmacy Degrees from outside J&K, a big concern

“There are hundreds of B Pharma, M Pharma & PhD degree holders who have completed their doctorate from the outside state under suspicious circumstances and many have even purchased the same.
Now, these so-called scholars, many of whom are working in the health department have become a threat to the whole J&K society.
Every year hundreds of people become victims of these fake health professionals and due to which we see rising health problems across Jammu and Kashmir says a doctor at GMC Srinagar.

But according to sources, several such candidates have managed to get plum posting after bribing their way through the screening committee.

“Sometimes the screening committee is comprised of doubtful characters, who favour a shady B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, & PhD degree holder because he/she happens to be a relative or there is the transfer of money,” said an insider at SKIMS.

“We have seen candidates with PhD degrees obtained from institutes like one-room universities and they are currently working in higher education departments of Kashmir University and SKIMS.

B Pharmacy is a 4-year course, but some students manage to get it within few months or in 2 years from outside colleges.
Mostly from Haryana, Delhi & Punjab.

B Pharmacy has become a big market and one can easily get a degree by paying onwards of Rs 10 lakh, so a candidate need not worry about the study,” said a person who knows such a practice.

The insiders at KU said that more than 20 PhD degree holders in the health department and more than 50 in the higher education department are said to have obtained doctorate degrees fraudulently. But due to the higher positions of such officials or their proximity with power corridors, the government has to date not initiated any action against them.

In some cases, degrees have been obtained from institutions that are not even recognized by the University Grants Commission, the sources said.

It is the talk of the town that incumbents with fraud degree/diploma are ruling over the heads of qualified ones. Degree/Diploma in Pharmacy subjects requires practical training otherwise how one will come to know about the matter in the original. It is first of to see by the Government whether the concerned official who has obtained degree/diploma through correspondence had sought permission from the competent authority. Thereafter whether due leaves have been sanctioned to appear in the exams/practical, shall bring the scam out immediately. It is also very urgent to see whether the said institution is recognized by AICTE/UGC.

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