Power curtailments will come down with conductor upgradation in these parts of Srinagar City

Srinagar, Nov 05: Chief Engineer, Power Development Department (PDD), Javed Yousuf Dar Saturday said the power curtailments will come down this winter with the conductor upgradation of 320KVA Wagoora-Zainakote, 132 KVA Mirbazar-Wanpoh. He added this winter the Kashmir valley will witness less power cuts as compare to previous years.

Speaking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Dar said the department has taken several measures to tackle with the low power cuts in winters. He said that despite indispensable curtailments this winter the power supply in valley will be far better than previous years.

“Prior to winters the PDD had taken inspection of supply lines across valley. The damaged lines were repaired, rusted poles were replaced and other necessary things were done”, Dar said and added, “With the conductor upgradation in 320KVA Wagoora-Zainakote, 132 KVA Mirbazar-Wanpoh, the unscheduled power cuts will be dealt majorly this year”.

He said the curtailment will come down this year due to conductor upgradation at 320KVA Wagoora-Zainakote, 132 KVA Mirbazar-Wanpoh. “The experts are on job. The conductor upgradation at 220 KVA Wagoora-Zainakote line will likely be completed today”, Dar asserted.

He said the PDD has ensured stock of poles and transformers at all district headquarters this winter to deal with any eventuality. “We have sent poles, transformers and other necessary electric parts and equipments to districts and directed them to use the material in exigencies”, he added.

Notably the valley is witnessing frequent power cuts during this winter, leaving consumers to suffer badly.(KNS)

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