Reasons Behind IPS Basant Rath’s Decision to Join the BJP

Interview with a former IPS officer on Political Corruption in Jammu and Kashmir

In this exclusive interview, we speak with a former IPS officer who serves in Jammu and Kashmir and has planned to join the Bharatiya Janata Party. The officer Basant Rath sheds light on the rampant political corruption in the region and his reasons for quitting the Indian Police Service.

The officer recalls the tragedy that took place in Srinagar, where hundreds of people lost their lives and the then chief minister did nothing to prevent these deaths. He also speaks about the widespread problem of adulterated milk and spices not fit for human consumption in the region and the businessmen behind these practices who are too politically connected to fear the law enforcement agencies.

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The former IPS officer Basant Rath also sheds light on the daily struggles faced by female students, who are forced to use tardy, overcrowded buses and matadors run by abusive drivers, and face harassment and monetary loot during their daily commute. He blames politicians and businessmen for their involvement in these issues.

The interviewee also highlights the corruption among politicians in the region, who have siphoned thousands of crores of rupees of taxpayers’ money and made huge investments in private medical and engineering colleges. He also touches upon the political tactics used by some leaders, who play condolence politics in Jammu and Kashmir before polling and use Pakistani money to build palatial houses while instigating people to set public properties and police vehicles on fire.

The former IPS officer shares his views on the political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir, calling it unhealthy and likening it to a “dirty marriage”. He recounts his experience at the India Today conclave in January 2019, where he spoke about the people of Kashmir and the FIR that was registered against him for being “anti-national”.

The pandemic has greatly impacted the region, ravaging homes, hospitals, schools, and public transport. The officer speaks about how the pandemic has changed his priorities and life goals, leading him to quit the IPS and join the BJP.

The officer also touches upon the IAS-IPS biradari, calling it a “dirge of rampant political interference” and afflicted with four deficits – the deficits of knowledge, trust, integrity, and accountability. He reflects on his experience at the National Police Academy, where he realized that India’s top bureaucrats are the real non-performing assets of the country’s political economy of governance architecture.

The former IPS officer expresses his belief that the only way to make politics of dignity a reality is by co-producing dignity of politics as consumers and producers, which is why he is going to join the BJP.

This interview provides a rare glimpse into the rampant political corruption in Jammu and Kashmir and the struggles faced by the people in the region. It also highlights the need for systemic change in the political scenario in the region and the country as a whole.

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