Rising Unemployment in Jammu Kashmir Paints a Bleak Picture for the Region’s Future

The recent data showing a 7% spike in the unemployment rate in Jammu Kashmir to 21.8% in January is a cause for concern. The highest unemployment rate in the states and UTs across India highlights the ongoing struggles faced by the region in terms of employment and job opportunities. The Jammu Kashmir National Conference has pointed out the growing unemployment, development deficit, and administrative apathy as major issues in the region.

While the government claims that there are a large number of job opportunities available, it appears that this is not reflected in the unemployment data. The high number of postgraduates and PhD degree holders who have registered for jobs and the large number of applicants for a limited number of government posts further highlights the significant demand for employment in the region. The unemployment rate in Jammu Kashmir remains a pressing issue that requires immediate attention and action from the government.

In addition to the rising unemployment rate, it is also concerning that many businesses in Jammu Kashmir are not paying their employees. The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries reported that thousands of salesmen in the tourism and mobile services business, including shops in the commercial hub of Lal Chowk, were not paid salaries for several months. This not only exacerbates the unemployment issue, but it also creates financial strain on those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Furthermore, it is disheartening to see that highly educated individuals, such as scholars with Ph.D.s and M. Phil degrees, have had to resort to alternative forms of employment, such as running a tea stall, in order to earn a livelihood. This is a clear indication that the current job market is not providing enough opportunities for all, and the government needs to take swift and comprehensive action to address this issue.

The rising unemployment rate in Jammu Kashmir, combined with the lack of job security and inadequate wages, highlights the need for a comprehensive solution to address the employment and job market issues in the region. The government must work with local businesses, organizations, and educational institutions to create job opportunities and provide support for those struggling to find employment. Only then can Jammu Kashmir begin to see a significant decrease in its unemployment rate and a brighter future for its people.

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