Meet Samin Naik 19-year-old calligrapher from Kashmir valley

Meet Samin Naik 19-year-old calligrapher from Kashmir valley Hailing from Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir Samin is a medical student.

Saima Naik

While talking with media outlets she said:
Being a Kashmiri has always privileged me with a love for nature and a great love and affection for art.

I developed my love for art when I was just 5 and have been Brushing Hearts and painting imagination since then.

I have done my schooling at Saint Joseph’s Bla. and whenever given a chance, I took active participation in art exhibits even then, in my school.
Presently, I am studying medicine as I am aiming to become a successful doctor alongside my passion and love for art.

I am pretty much interested in all kinds of Art especially in painting, graffiti, calligraphy, hand lettering, zentangle and mandala.

When you glance over my work, you are catching a glimpse of my soul. I find my peace in my work of art, for a part of me is in each piece I create.

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