SKIMS Soura Junior Residents Selection List 2023 released, Download PDF

The wait is finally over for the aspiring Junior Residents at SKIMS Soura as the much-anticipated selection list for 2023 has been officially announced. This list, a vital document for candidates who participated in the recruitment process, brings both excitement and nervous anticipation. Let’s delve into the details and understand the ins and outs of this significant update.

Announcement and Availability of the List

The official announcement regarding the SKIMS Soura Junior Resident Selection List 2023 has been made, and candidates can now access the list on the SKIMS website ( It’s crucial for candidates to promptly check the website, as the list contains pivotal information about their provisional selection.

Download Selection List PDF

Advertisement Notification No. SIMS/ACAD/ 20 of 2023

To comprehend the context of this selection list, let’s rewind a bit. The specific notification in question is SIMS/ACAD/ 20 of 2023, dated 06.11.2023. This notification serves as the foundation for the entire selection process and outlines the criteria for the Junior Resident positions.

Provisional List of Selected Candidates

The selection list is structured in order of merit, providing a clear hierarchy of candidates based on their performance. Being provisionally selected is a significant achievement, and candidates are encouraged to understand the provisional nature of this status.

Verification Process

The journey doesn’t end with being provisionally selected. Successful candidates are now required to report to the Academic Section at SKIMS on 27th of November, 2023, at 11:00 A.M for document verification. This is a critical step towards confirming their eligibility for the Junior Resident positions.

Required Documents for Verification

Candidates must come prepared with a set of essential documents for the verification process. These include the MBBS Degree Certificate, Medical Registration Certificate, Internship Completion Certificate, Date of Birth Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Attempt Certificate, and Marks Certificates (10th, 12th, MBBS All Profs.).

Important Instructions for Selected Candidates

It’s crucial for candidates to understand that provisional selection doesn’t guarantee the final role as a Junior Resident. The final confirmation is contingent upon the successful verification of documents and certificates.

Notification Date and Copy Distribution

The notification, dated 25.11.2023, is a pivotal piece of information for candidates. Copies have been distributed, as indicated by No. SIMS/305 05/Acad. /444/23- aa2-6, and candidates must pay attention to the details mentioned within.