JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Syllabus 2024 PDF

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Syllabus

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Syllabus 2024 PDF, BSc Nursing / BSc Technology / BSc Paramedical Syllabi by Bopee for 2024 Entrance Exam.

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BSc Nursing Previous year Question Paper PDF

BSc Nursing Previous year Question Paper

BSc Nursing Previous year Question Paper, Also download its PDF Version from the Link given in this Post, BSc Nursing Entrance Paper, Nursing Entrance test paper, BSc Nursing old question papers.

1). Trisomic Condition of Down’s Syndrome
arises due to:
A. Triploidy
B. Crossing Over
C. Non-disjunction
D. Dicentric bridge formation

2). Which of the following experiments
suggests that living organisms
simplest could not have originated
spontaneously from non-living matter?
A. Meat was not spoiled when heated and kept sealed in a vessel
B. Microbes did not appear in stored meat
C. Microbes appeared from unsterilized organic matter
D. Larvae could appear in decaying organic matter

3). The evolution of similar characters in genetically
unrelated species as they are subjected to similar
environmental selective pressure is
A. Homoplasy
B. Heteroplasy
C. Adaptive radiation
D. Adaptation

4). Given: 1 = natural selection; 2 = variations and their
Inheritance; 3 = survival of the fittest; 4 = struggle for existence.
According to Darwinism, which of the following represents the correct
The sequence of events in the origin of new species?
A. 3,4,1,2
B. 2,3,1,4
C. 1,2,3,4
D. 4,2,3,1

5). The correct sequence of stages in the
The evolution of the modern man(Homo sapiens) is
A. Homo erects, Australopithecus, Neanderthal man, Cro-magnon man, modern man
B. Neanderthal man, Australopithecus, cro-magnon man, homo erectus, modern man
C. Australopithecus, Neanderthal man, Cro-magnon man, Homo erectus, modern man
D. Australopithecus, Homo erectus, Neanderthal man, cro-magnon man, modern man

6). Viral diseases have no cure because
A. Viruses have no cell wall
B. Viruses can multiply repeatedly within the host cell
C. Presence of capsid
D. Viruses Possess no cytoplasm

7). In lac insect the lac is produced from
A. Abdominal Glands
B. Dermal Glands
C. Salivary Glands
D. None of the Above

8). Compare the statements A and B
Statement A: Ranikhet disease is the disease of poultry.
Statement B: It is caused by a virus
Select the Correct description
A. Statement A is wrong and B is correct
B. Both statements A and B are wrong
C. Both statements A and B are correct
D. Statement A is correct and B is wrong

9). Technique of production of monoclonal antibodies was developed by
A. Fredrich Miescher
B. Bentham and Hooker
C. Milstein and Kohler
D. Watson and Crick

10). Smoking addiction is harmful because it produces
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which cause
A. Cancer
B. Increase in Blood pressure
C. Reduction in Oxyden
D. Retardation of growth of the foetus

11). Asexual reproductive structure of Hydra is
A. Gemmule
B. Bud
C. Conidia
D. None of the above

12). Which one of the following is not a primary egg membrane?
A. Vitelline membrane
B. Albuminous jelly
C. Jelly envelope
D. Zona pellucid

13). Both corpus luteum and macula lutea are
A. Found in human ovaries
B. A source of the hormone
C. Characterized by a yellow colour
D. Contributory in maintaining pregnancy

14). Correct sequence of hormone secretion from
The beginning of menstruation is
A. FSH, Progesterone, Estrogen
B. Estrogen, FSH, Progesterone
C. FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone
D. Estrogen, Progesterone, FSH

15). The process of release of spermatozoa from Sertoli cells
into the cavity of the seminiferous tubule is called
A. Spermiogenesis
B. Spermatogenesis
C. Spermatocytogenesis
D. Spermiation

16). Amniocentesis detects
A. Deformity in brain
B. Deformity in heart
C. Hereditary disease
D. All of these

17). Which of the following statements is the most
appropriate for sickle anaemia?
A. lt cannot be treated with iron supplements
B. lt is a molecular disease
C. it confers resistance to acquiring malaria
D. All of the above

18). A family has 5 daughters. The probability of 6th child being a girl will be
A. 1 in 2
B. 1 in 5
C. 1 in 3
D. 1 in 6

19). Which of the following is sex-linked in human beings?
A. Colour blindness
B. Hepatitis
C. Night blindness
D. Malignancy

20). Sex Chromosome X & Y were discovered by
A. Stevens and Wilson
B. Bridges
C. Mc Clung
D. Henking

21). Which of the following traits is not characteristic of amphibians?
A. Thin, scaleless skin
B. Usually requires water for reproduction
C. Amniote eggs
D. Skin is used as a supplementary respiratory organ.

22). Members of class Reptilia are
A. Homoiothermic and Amniotic
B. Homoiothermic & Anamniotic
C. Poikilothermic and Amniotic
D. Poikilothermic and Anamniotic

23). Kaziranga National Park is situated in
A. Assam
B. Orissa
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Andhra Pradesh

24). The term Protoplasm was coined by
A. Purkinje
B. Dujardin
C. Hugo van Mohl
D. Robert Hook

25). The cell theory was propounded by
A. Mendel
B. Schleiden and Schwann
C. De Breze
D. Darwin

26). Transcription and translation are normally
Involved in
A. Flow of extrinsic information
B. Multiplication of DNA
C. Synthesis of RNA
D. Flow of intrinsic information

27). An Acidic amino acid is
A. Leucine
B. Lysine
C. Aspartic acid
D. Methionine

28). Flagella of prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells differ in
A. Location in cell and mode of functioning
B. Microtubular organization and type of movement
C. MicroTubular organization and functioning
D. Type of movement and placement in cell

29). Cell recognition and adhesion is facilitated by certain
Components of the cell membrane.
These components are generally
A. Proteins and Lipids
B. Glycoproteins and glycolipids
C. Lipids only
D. Proteins only

30). Golgi apparatus takes part in
A. Carbohydrate synthesis
B. Lipid synthesis
C. Protein synthesis
D. Oxidative phosphorylation

31). “Taxonomy without phylogeny is like bones without
flesh” was remarked by
A. John Hutchinson
B. Takhtajan
C. Oswald Tippo
D. Bentham and Hooker

32). What is universal for sponges?
A. Marine
B. Calcareous spicules
C. Radial symmentry
D. High regenerative power

33). The mesogloea is
A. Party cellular and partly fibrous
B. Neither cellular nor fibrous
C. Only fibrous
D. Cellular

34). When cysticerci are present in pork it is called
A. Cysticercosis
B. Bladder worm
C. Hydatid cyst
D. Measly pork

35). The roundworm can be called specialized and not
degenerate with reference to parasitism because
A. It has a thick cuticle over its body which is resistant to the digestive juice of the host
B. It has a straight and uncoiled alimentary canal
C. Respiratory organs are absent
D. It is dioecious

36). Nephridia of earthworm are analogous to
A. Trachea of insects
B. Gills of prawn
C. Nematoblasts of Hydra
D. Flame cells of Dugesia

37). What is common between silverfish,
Scorpion, crab and honey bee?
A. Compound eye
B. Poison gland’
C. Jointed legs
D. Metamorphosis

38). Among the following, an unmatched group is
A. Sea pen, sea fan, coral and swimming bell
B. Cuttle fish, shell fish, devil fish and squid
C. Sea star, sea urchin, sea anemone and sea cow
D. Globe fish, rat fish, gold fish and pipe fish

39). Autotomy is observed in
A. Feather star
B. Starfish
C. Sea Cucumber
D. Starfish and Feather Star

40). The heart of fishes is called venous or branchial heart because
A. The heart sends blood to veins
B. The heart contains only non aerated venous blood
C. The heart contains only aerated venous blood
D. The heart sends aerated blood to gills

41). Which of the following is Lucas reagent?
A. ZnCl2/con HCL
B. Br2/CCL4
C. Ammoniacal silver nitrate
D. Cold Alkaline KMnO4

42). Which one of the following compounds converts
Methyl magnesium Iodide to methane in one step?
A. C2H4
C. C2H5OC2H5

43). The enthalpy of fusion of water is 1.435 kcal/mol.
The molar entropy change for the melting of ice at 0 0C is
A. 5.260cal/(molK)
B. 0.526cal/(molK)
C. 10.52cal/(molK)
D. 21.04cal/molK)

44). Substance which is used to bring down the temperature
in high fever condition are called
A. Antiseptics
B. Anti-Inflammatory
C. Anti-bodies
D. Antipyretics

45). The density (in gmL”1) of a 3.60 M sulphuric acid
the solution that is 29% H2SO4(molar mass=98 g mol-1) by mass will be
A. 1.64
B. 1.88
C. 1.22
D. 1.95

46). In the equation of state of an ideal gas PV=n RT, the value of the
Universal gas constant would depend only on
A. The nature of the gas
B. The pressure of the gas
C. The units of the measurement
D. None of the above

47). The value of ∆H and S of a certain reaction is
-400 kj mol-1 and -20 kj Mol-1 K-1 respectively.
The temperature below which the reaction is spontaneous is
A. 200K
B. 200c
C. 1000K
D. 1200C

48). XeF2 is isostructural with
A. ICl2-
B. SbCl3
C. BaCl2
D. TeF2

49). What amount of dioxygen (in gram) contains 1.8 1022 molecules?
A. 0.0960
B. 0.960
C. 9.60
D. 96.0

50). 10g of hydrogen and 64g of oxygen were filled in a
steel vessel and exploded. The amount of water produced in
this reaction will be
A. 1mol
B. 2mol
C. 3mol
D. 4mol

51). What is the quantity of electricity (in coulombs)
required to deposit all the silver from
250ml of 1 M AgNO3 solution? (Ag=108)
A. 2412.5
B. 24125
C. 4825.0
D. 48250

52). How many EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)
molecules are required to make an
octahedral complex with a Ca2+ ion?
A. Six
B. Three
C. One
D. Two

53). Which of the following types of metals from
The most efficient catalysts?
A. Alkaline earth metals
B. Transition metals
C. Alkali metals
D. All of the above

54). The solubility of Ca3(PC4)2 in water is
Y moles/litre. Its solubility product is
A. 6y4
B. 36y4
C. 64y5
D. 108y5

55). Which of the following is not permissible?
A. n=4, I=3, m=0
B. n=4, I=2, m=1
C. n=4, I=4, m=1
D. n=4, I=0, m=0

56). What should be the correct IUPAC name for
A. 1-Bromo-I, I-diethylmethane
B. 3-Bromopentane
C. 1-Bromo-I-ethypropane
D. 1-Bromopentane

57). Chlorobenzene is formed by the reaction of chlorine
with benzene in the presence of AlCl3.
Which of the following species attacks the
benzene ring in this reaction?
A. Cl-
B. Cl+
C. Alcl3
D. [AlCl4]-

58). Which of the following statements about primary
Amines are ‘False’?
A. Alkylamines are stronger bases than aryl amines
B. Alkyl amines react with nitrous acid to produce alcohols
C. Aryl amines are stronger bases than ammonia
D. Aryl amines react with nitrous acid to produce nitroarenes

59). The correct order of decreasing acid strength of
Tricholoroacetic acid (A), acetic aicd (B) and formic acid (C) is
A. A>B>C
B. A>C>B
C. B>A>C
D. B>C>A

60). In which of the following reactions new
carbon-carbon bond is formed
A. Cannizzaro reaction
B. Wurtz reaction
C. Aldol condensation
D. Friedel-Crafts reaction

61). Which one of the following is a covalent crystal?
A. Ice
B. Rock Salt
C. Dry salt
D. Quartz

62). 2 gm of a radioactive sample having half
life of 15 days was synthesized on 1st Jan 2017.
The amount of the sample left behind on
1st Mar 2017 (Including both the days)
A. 1gm
B. 0.5gm
C. 0gm
D. 0.125gm

63). The rate law for a reaction between the substances
A and B is given by Rate=K [A]n[B]m.
on doubling the concentration of B,
The ratio of the new rate to the earlier rate of reaction will be
A. m+n
B. n+m
C. 2(n-m)
D. I/(2m+n)

64). Bond order of the following molecules is zero?
A. F2
B. O2
C. Be2
D. Li2

65). For the adsorption phenomenon,
A. ∆H = +ve, ∆S = -ve
B. ∆H = -ve, ∆S = +ve
C. ∆H = -ve, ∆S = -ve
D. ∆H = +ve, ∆S = +ve

66). Heterosis is
A. Phenotypic expression of mutations
B. Method of including mutations
C. Superiority of hybrids over their parents
D. A plant Disease

67). Which of the following chemical is mostly
used for protoplast fusion:
A. Polyethene glycol
B. Sodium acetate
C. Sodium chloride
D. Sorbitol

68). The carting capacity of the population is determined by:
A. Growth rate of population
B. Limiting resources
C. Mortality
D. Natality

69). The biogeochemical cycle which is not gaseous is:
A. Phosphorous cycle
B. Carbon cycle
C. Sulphur cycle
D. Nitrogen cycle

70). Conservation within natural habitat is:
A. In-situ conservation
B. Ex-situ conservation
C. In-vitro conservation
D. Micropropagation

71). If a cell is placed in a sugar solution and no
change occurs in it, the external solution is:
A. Isotonic
B. Hypertonic
C. Hypotonic
D. Colloidal

72). In angiosperms, translocation of sugar occurs in the form of:
A. Sucrose
B. Starch
C. Lactose
D. Glucose

73). Which of the following plant hormone
stimulates growth in internodes?
A. Auxins
B. Gibberellins
C. Cytokinin
D. Abscisic acid

74). Embryo sac develops from:
A. Microspore
B. Megaspore
C. Zygote
D. Funiculus

75). Formation of seedless fruits is called:
A. Parthenocarpy
B. Parthenogenesis
C. Fertilization
D. Geitonogamy

76). The ratio of tall plants in a cross between
heterozygous tall plants and dwarf plants will be:
A. 50%
B. 25%
C. 75%
D. 100%

77). Codon is made up of:
A. Singel nucleotide
B. Two nucleotides
C. Three nucleotides
D. Four nucleotides

78). The enzyme which joins Okazaki fragments is
A. DNA ligase
B. DNA polymerase II
C. RNA polymerase
D. Reverse transcriptase

79). Cheese is produced by:
A. Fermentation
B. Hydrolysis
C. Dehydration
D. All of the above

80). Ethanol is commercially produced by using species of :
A. Alternaria
B. Candida
C. Saccharomyces
D. Puccinia

81). Which of the following are called stone cells?
A. Sclereids
B. Parenchyma
C. Collenchymas
D. Chlorenchyma

82). Which of the following is not correct?
A. Diffusion is a passive process
B. No energy expenditure occurs during diffusion
C. Diffusion is dependent on the living system
D. Diffusion rates are affected by gradient of concentration

83). Which of the following is correct for active transport?
A. It does not require special
B. It is not selective
C. It operates without using energy
D. It results in uphill transport

84). How many electrons are released from water
to release one molecule of oxygen during photosynthesis
A. Four
B. Six
C. Two
D. One

85). Apical dominance occurs due to:
A. Auxins
B. Cytokinins
C. Gibberellins
D. Abscisic acid

86). The innermost layer of anther is
A. Endothecium
B. Exothecium
C. Tapetum
D. Stomium

87). When pistils are fused together, it is called
A. Syncarpous
B. Apocarpous
C. Multicarpellary
D. Monocarpellary

88). To identify whether an organism exhibiting a
dominant trait is homozygous or heterozygous
for a specific allele, which cross is performed?
A. Dihybrid cross
B. Test cross
C. Back cross
D. Back cross
E. None of the above

89). Cork cambium is also called
A. Phellem
B. Phelloderm
C. Periderm
D. Phellogen

90). The force which exists between the walls of
xylem vessels and water is:
A. Adhesion
B. Cohesion
C. Surface tension
D. Capillary force

91). The correct sequence in taxonomic classification is:
A. Class-family-order-genus-species
B. Class-order-family-genus-species
C. Order-family-class-genus-species
D. Class-family-order-genus-species

92). Heterotrophic fungi which absorb soluble
organic matter from dead substrates are called
A. Saprophytes
B. Parasites
C. Symbionts
D. Autotrophs

93). Name ‘virus’ was coined by
A. Huxley
B. Robert Hook
C. Lvanowsky
D. Beijernick

94). Viroid consists of:
C. Carbohydrate
D. Protein

95). Food is stored as mannitol and laminarin in
A. Rhodophyceace
B. Chlorophyceace
C. Phaeophyceace
D. Chlamydomonas

96). Which of the following statements regarding
bryophytes are not correct?
A. The main body of bryophyte is haploid
B. Antheridia develop on the main body
C. The main body is sporophyte
D. Sporophyte draws nutrition from the gametophyte

97). In mosses protonema is
A. The last stage of gametophyte
B. The first stage of gametophyte
C. The leafy stage of moss
D. Does not exist in the moss life cycle

98). Diplontic life cycle is present in:
A. Gymnosperms
B. Angiosperms
C. Volvox
D. Both ‘1’ and ‘2’

99). Fascicular vascular cambium is
A. A lateral meristem
B. Apical meristem
C. Also called cork cambium
D. A permanent tissue

100). Which of the following are living cells?
A. Vessels
B. Tracheids
C. Xylem fibres
D. Xylem parenchyma

BSc Nursing Previous year question Paper PDF, Download Nursing Entrance old paper.

Download PDFLINK

BSc Nursing, Technology SKIMS Fee Structure

BSc Nursing, Technology SKIMS

Check BSc Nursing, Technology Fee Structure for this session, Admissions, Fee Structure, Selection List, SKIMS BSc Radiography, BSc MLT.

BSc Nursing, Technology SKIMS

Admission Fee for BSc Nursing is 12,500 per year

Admission for BSc Technology Courses is 18,500 per year.

Those students who have successfully passed the Entrance examination conducted by SKIMS Soura for BSc Nursing and Technology courses can apply for Admissions by following these steps:

  • 1st of all fill-up the Application Form (Available here)
  • After filling the Application Form correctly attach Date of Birth Certificate, 12Th Class Marks Card as well.
  • Also Domicile Certificate issued by concerned authority.
  • Then students belonging to the any reserved category need to attach Category Certificate.
  • Also Migration certificate issued by the institution last attended by the student.
  • with along Provisional/Discharge Character certificate.
  • and the last one an Affidavit from 1st class Magistrate.

Fee Structure:

BSc NursingBSc Technology
12,500 Indian Rupees18,500 Indian Rupees
Fee Structure by for BSc Nursing and Technology courses

SKIMS Soura is one of the best Medical science institute in the Kashmir valley, the official website of SKIMS is www.skims.ac.in

Also check Category Wise Merit List of Students for admission in B.Sc. Nursing / Technology Courses Session:

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing 2021 | Admission, Syllabus


BSc Nursing JKBOPEE | The Common Entrance Test for BSc Nursing through NTA | JKBOPEE is scheduled to be conducted at various centers in
Jammu and Srinagar.

Admission Process byJKBOPEE
Total Seats2051

Tentative Schedule of B.Sc. Nursing /Post Basic BSc Nursing Courses – 2021

S. No.DescriptionDate
1.Date of filling up of application forms1 May 2021
2.Last date of filling up of application forms30 May 2021
3.Downloading of Admit cards Download
4.Date of Conduct of Examination19th of September 2021
5.Answer KeysDownload PDF
5.Declaration of ResultClick here
8.Counseling Scheduleshall be notified separately
9.Completion of the Admission process shall be notified separately

Abbreviations Used:

  • BOPEE: Board of Professional Entrance Examinations;
  • CET: common Entrance Test;
  • NOC: No Objection Certificate;
  • DA: Designated Authority;
  • COE: Controller of Examinations;
  • OM: Open Merit candidates;
  • SC: Scheduled Caste candidates;
  • ST: Scheduled Tribe candidates;
  • RBA: Resident of Backward Area;
  • ALC: the Actual Line of Control;
  • OSC: Other Social Castes;

Guidelines for BSc Nursing Entrance Test:

submit an online Application Form available on the official website of the NTA/NEET within the prescribed date.

The candidates applying for admission will be required to appear in the Entrance Test at their own expenses, furthermore

The recommendation for selection of the candidates in all the categories shall be subject to production of all the relevant certificates in original by the candidates and the verification of the same by the BOPEE/College.

The selection made by the BOPEE to these courses shall be provisional till the final determination of eligibility of the candidates by the concerned Board/ College.

Eligibility For BSc Nursing Programme by NTA / JKBOPEE:

The candidates applying for admission to B.Sc. The nursing Programme must fulfill the following eligibility conditions.

  • A candidate must be a domicile of UT of J&K/UT of Ladakh.
  • Candidates belonging to UT of Ladakh, ST certificate issued by Competent Authority of Ladakh shall be treated as Domicile certificate.
  • be at least 17 years old on 31st December-2020.
  • have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination individually in the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English and must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks taken together in PCB subjects from Recognised Board.
  • be medically fit.
  • The candidates appearing/appeared in 10+2 (12th Class) examination 2020 can also apply.

BOPEE Post Basic Nursing details:

A candidate must be a domicile of UT of J&K or UT of Ladakh.

For Candidates belonging to UT of Ladakh, the ST certificate issued by the Competent Authority of Ladakh shall be treated as a Domicile certificate.

have passed 10+2 or equivalent from recognized Board and have obtained a Certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM).

Category-wise seats for BSc Nursing by JKBOPEE:

S. No.CategoriesReservation in %age
1.Open Merit (OM)50
2.Schedule Caste (SC)08
3.Scheduled Tribe (ST)10
5.ALC / IB04
8.EWS (Economically weaker section)10
9.Physically challenged persons4 (Horizontal)
Seats in the Government Nursing Colleges
  • Children of Defense Personnel (CDP): 03%
  • Children of Para Military forces and state Police personnel: 01%
  • Sports Category: 02%

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Syllabus

  • Physics: 60 Marks
  • Chemistry: 60 Marks
  • Biology: 60 Marks

Download PDF

Certificates Required:

  • The candidates have to upload the following original scanned documents with their online Application Form:-
  • domicile of J&K/Ladakh, the candidate can upload undertaking
    certifying that he/she shall submit the same at the time of counseling). For candidates belonging to UT of Ladakh, the ST certificate issued by Competent Authority shall be treated as a domicile certificate.

  • marks certificate of the qualifying examination i.e. 10+2 (as mentioned above) issued by the concerned Board.
  • matriculation or equivalent examination certificate indicating Date of Birth.
  • the category candidates claiming the benefit of any reserved category
    Diploma registered with J&K Para-medical Council ( For candidates applying under lateral entry).

The candidates have to upload a recent Photo, a Scanned copy of the Signature, and Thumb Impression also.

BSc Nursing Admit Card:

  • No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Test Centre/venue without a valid Admit Card in the original.
  • Admit cards can be downloaded within the prescribed date.
  • The Admit Cards will be available online. The candidates are advised to download their Admit Cards from the NEET official Websites.
  • Once NTA releases the Admit Cards we will Update the Download Link below here.

The Entrance Test shall be held at the centers as may be specified by the Board in
the cities of Srinagar and Jammu only.

BSc Nursing Question Paper Pattern

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsTime
Chemistry603 Hours

The Question Paper is of 10+2 Standard, All the questions are compulsory, there is 0.25 negative marking for every wrong answer.

JKBOPEE Bsc Nursing Mock Test

JKBOPEE BSc Nursing Previous year question paper

Who will conduct the BSc Nursing examination, JKBOPEE or NTA?


How to Submit BSc Nursing / NEET Form?

Follow the instructions given in this blog.

Who is eligible for the BSc Nursing entrance exam?

A candidate must be a domicile of UT of J&K/UT of Ladakh.
Candidates belonging to UT of Ladakh, ST certificate issued by Competent Authority of Ladakh shall be treated as Domicile certificate.
be at least 17 years old on 31st December-2020.
10+2 or equivalent examination individually in the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English and must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks taken together in PCB subjects from Recognized Board.

B.Sc. Nursing – Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University

Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University B.Sc. Nursing course, University has invited Applications for the B.Sc. Nursing course for the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Anyone who wants to pursue this course can apply through the official website of the University (www.bgsbu.ac.in).

In this post we will tell you all the information about this course in Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah(BGSB University).

Mode of Admission

Admission to the B.Sc. Nursing program shall be through Entrance Test that the
University will conduct for the purpose. Selection will be based on the merit of
candidates in the Test.

The general standard of Entrance test shall be that of 12 class.

The duration of the test shall be for 02 hours.

The Test shall be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based comprising 100 questions as per the below-mentioned distribution. There shall be no negative marking.

B.Sc Nurisng Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Entrance exam marks

In case two or more candidates obtain the same marks in the Entrance Test,
criteria to determine merit in the merit list shall be as under:

  • Candidates obtaining higher marks in Biology in the Entrance Test figure higher in the merit list.
  • Incase marks obtained in Biology in the Entrance Test are also the same, candidates obtaining higher marks in physics in the Entrance Test shall figure higher in the merit list.
  • In case marks obtained by a candidate in Entrance Test as well as Biology and Physics are the same, candidates who are senior in age shall figure higher in the merit list.
Baba Ghulam shah Badshah University - B.Sc. Nursing,
Baba Ghulam Shah Budshah Univerisyt B.Sc Nursing

BGSB university associated colleges and seats capacity

  • Nursing College Rajouri:
Toatl seats40
General / Reserved24
Self-Finance seats16
Nursing College Rajouri Seat capacity
  • Nursing College Jammu:
Total No of Seats50
General / Reserved24
Self-Finance seats26
BSc Nurisnf College Jammu seat capacity
  • Nursing College Kishtwar:
Total No of Seats40
General / Reserved24
Self-Finance seats16
BSc Nursing Colleg Kishtwar seats capacity

Reservation for BSc Nursing Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University

Nursing College Rajouri, Jammu and Kishtiwar:

Perminant Resiednts of Rajouri and Poonsh districts25%
Scheduled Tribe (ST)09%
Scheduled Castes (SC)08%
Other Backward Areas (OBA)05%
Children of Defence personnel / Jammu & Kashmir Police02%
Reservation for BSc Nursing Baba Ghulam shah Badshah University

Fee Structure for BSc Nursing

YearGeneral / Reserved SeatsSelf Financing Seats
1st Year48,4001,07,400
2nd Year50,4001,12,400
3rd Year52,4001,17,400
4th Year54,4001,21,400
Fee Structure for BSc Nursing Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University

Documents Required to be submitted with Application Form

  1. 10th Marks Sheet
  2. 10th Certificate
  3. 12th Marks Sheet
  4. 12th Certificate / Provisional Certificate
  5. Permanent Resident Certificate
  6. Category Certificate (if any)
  7. Character certificate by head of the institution last attended.
  8. Migration Certificate
  9. Gap period Certificate
  10. Affidavit from a magistrate
  11. 5 Passport size Photographs
  12. Transfer certificate


Migration Certificate, Gap Period Certificate/Affidavit, and other such documents including all original certificates for purpose of verification and registration are to be produced and submitted by the candidate at the time of admission.

Admission Form: Application Form is available from the below-mentioned offices
and also on the University Website: www.bgsbuniversity.orq. Interested candidates are required to submit the form along with requisite documents as
indicated on the website and Demand Draft of Rs 500/-drawn in favor of Registrar,
BGSB University Rajouri, payable at J&K Bank, BGSB University Campus, Rajouri
at any of the offices as detailed below before the last date as mentioned above.

Where is Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Loacted?


Total No of B.Sc Nursing seats in Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University?

150 seats.

B.Sc Nursing Open Merit seats in BGSB University?

40 – 50.

B.Sc Nursing Application form last date?

15 May.