BDC Gurez Fameeda Begum demands sanction of Gurez-Bandipora Road Tunnel

Srinagar, Dec 25 (JKYouth) – The Block Development Chairperson (BDC) of Gurez is demanding the sanction of the Gurez-Bandipora Road Tunnel. Fameeda Begum, while speaking to a JKYouth reporter, raised several issues faced by the people of Gurez, Tulail, and Bagtore.

Gurez, renowned for its flora and fauna, sees its residents largely dependent on agricultural products. Due to heavy snowfall and glaciers, Gurez remains isolated from the rest of the world for over six months in winter, making the 86-kilometer journey through the Razdhan Pass to Bandipora impassable, she said.

Helicopter Services from Gurez Valley to Bandipora started by Govt

The Jammu and Kashmir Administration must step forward to find a better solution for the hardships faced by the people of Gurez. The long-standing demand of a Road Tunnel must be addressed. I urge both the Central government and J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to intervene and sanction the Road Tunnel, she added.

BDC Gurez Fameeda Begum Demands Gurez-Bandipora Tunnel
BDC Gurez Fameeda Begum Demands Gurez-Bandipora Tunnel

BDC Gurez, Fameeda Begum, also demands a fairer electricity schedule for the people living in Gurez. In the 21st Century, Gurez residents receive only 4-5 hours of electricity through generators, despite the operation of the 330MW KishanGanga Hydroelectric Plant since May 19, 2018. Gurez should receive at least 2-3 MWs of electricity from this plant, she insisted. With this additional electricity, some of the hardships could be alleviated, and people might not need to migrate from Gurez to other cities during winters.

Additionally, she highlighted the lack of essential facilities at Degree College Gurez since its establishment, including WiFi, a library, a canteen, and a playground.

The cost of helicopter tickets, set at highly subsidized rates of Rs 3,000 from Srinagar airport and Rs 2,000 from Bandipora, is prohibitively high for the majority of Gurez’s daily wage earners. The government should reconsider and reduce airfare for the benefit of the people of Gurez.

Tourism needs to be prioritized, and the people are willing to collaborate with the administration to improve the future of their homeland. However, the government must also address these crucial issues faced by the people of Gurez, Tulail, and Bagtore.