Admin turns deaf to Medical Assistants in Jammu and Kashmir

Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants / Pharmacists On Saturday 12-02-2021, reached Raj Bhavan, Jammu to meet LG Manoj Sinha.

While talking to JKYouth Media person a Medical Assistant accused the JK Grievance cell, he said that their association

travelled all long from different districts of Jammu and Kashmir to meet LG J&K.

Nawaz(Member of MA/Pharmacist Association) says that when we approached authorities to meet LG Sahab,

they first ignored and then later they told us that even if we became DC’s(Divisional Commissioners), they will not allow our association to meet LG Manoj Sinha.

Meanwhile Another member of Pharmacist association J&K says that administration is forcing them to commit suicide.

Nawaz says that most of times outsiders label Kashmiri Youth, Drug consumers / Gun Pickers / Anti National,

and which is a fact but the reason behind all this is the continuous harassment by our own Administration.

Nawaz says that Medical Assistants/Pharmacists are fighting for their legitimate rights posts revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

What is Medical Assistant Course?

MA/Pharmacist course is a diploma in Pharmacy and Clinical Training courses in Jammu and Kashmir,

it came under recognition with the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly Act under the constitution of the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir.

There are more 20 Paramedical colleges in J&K that offer MA/Pharmacist Course, other then that Kashmir university also

offers Bachelor in Pharmacy course though very few students show interest because of the poor reputation of the university.

What happened to Medical Assistants after the Article 370 Abrogation?

After the abrogation of Article 370, Pharmacist students of Jammu and Kashmir were not allowed by the administration for the Drug License registration.

Meanwhile the same Pharmacists were getting Drug License and Registration as a Pharmacist pre – abrogation of Article 370.

Another MA/Pharmacist Adnan says that this is the complete failure of our own Kashmiri Politicians,

who couldn’t frame proper policies to save 15000+ Medical Assistants, MA/Pharmacist are the backbone of

Jammu and Kashmir’s Health sector, they do get their degrees after burning mid-night oil for more than 2 years.

After Various Internal, external exams & internships in Government Hospitals, they get their degree certificates from the Government Medical Colleges of J&K.

What is the Government’s Stand?

While talking to JKYouth media person, One KAS(Kashmir Administrative Officer) in Secretariat says that they have taken this issue with both GOI & PCI.

And the PCI will come with a proper solution probably in the favor of MA/Pharmacists before June 2021,

Furthermore a few days back Former Rajya Sabha Member Ghulam Nabi Azad also highlighted the MA/Pharmacist issue in the upper house.

Additionally, the Jammu Kashmir Government Pharmacist Association (JKGPA) has also urged the government to

recognize this course and to make it equal with Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharm).

But the question still remains is that why a common person cannot meet LG Manoj Sinha.

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