Sehri Time In Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir (Dawn) – 4:36 AM on 14th April, 2022

Ramadan Timing

Fasting Time Today in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, are Sehri Time 4:36 AM Iftar Time 7:03 PM .

Ramadan fasting is a religious observance that Muslims observe for a month.

Muslims observe the month of Ramadan , the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, through fasting and prayers.

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam; it is intended to teach Muslims patience and self-control while reminding them of those less fortunate than themselves.

The fast starts at fajr and ends at sunset. It also involve abstaining from smoking, drinking alcohol or eating food during daylight hours.

Sehri Time In Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir, (Dawn) – 4:36 AM

Sehri is the meal eaten by Muslims during their pre-dawn meal. This meal is to help them get ready for the fast until sunset. Muslims are required to do this ritual before they can break their fasts at sunset. Some of the popular foods that would be eaten during this time include dates, milk and water.

Iftar Time In Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir, (Sunset) – 7:03 PM

Iftar is a time for Muslims to break their fasts. Ramadan is a month long celebration in the Muslim faith during which they do not consume anything from sunrise to sunset. The only thing they can consume in this period is water and food that breaks their fast. Iftars are usually family events where each member brings a dish or dessert to share with the others, and spend time together after a day of fasting.

Srinagar Ramadan Calendar 2022 | Ramzan Sheri and Iftar Timings 1443 AH

Ramadan Timing

Srinagar Ramadan Calendar 2022 | Ramzan Sheri and Iftari Timings 1443 AH

Srinagar Iftar and Sehri Time Table 2022: Find the Srinagar Ramadan timings according to the Islamic calendar 2022. Here is today’s Sehri and Iftar timings in Srinagar. Also, get the accurate Sheri time and Iftar fasting timings for 30 days.

DateSehr Closing TimeIftar Time
03 April 202204:50 AM07:00 PM
04 April 202204:48 AM07:01 PM
05 April 202204:47 AM07:01 PM
06 April 202204:45 AM07:02 PM
07 April 202204:44 AM07:03 PM
08 April 202204:42 AM07:04PM
09 April 202204:41 AM07:04 PM
10 April 202204:39 AM07:05 PM
11 April 202204:37 AM07:06 PM
12 April 202204:36 AM07:07 PM
13 April 202204:34 AM07:07 PM
14 April 202204:33 AM07:08 PM
15 April 202204:31 AM07:09 PM
16 April 202204:30 AM07:10 PM
17 April 202204:28 AM07:11 PM
18 April 202204:27 AM07:11 PM
19 April 202204:26 AM07:12 PM
20 April 202204:24 AM07:13 PM
21 April 202204:23 AM07:14 PM
22 April 202204:21 AM07:15 PM
23 April 202204:20 AM07:15 PM
24 April 202204:18 AM07:16 PM
25 April 202204:17 AM07:17 PM
26 April 202204:15 AM07:18 PM
27 April 202204:14 AM07:18 PM
28 April 202204:13 AM07:19 PM
29 April 202204:11 AM07:20 PM
30 April 202204:10 AM07:21 PM
01 May 202204:09 AM07:22 PM
02 May 202204:07 AM07:22 PM

Sehri Closing Timing Jammu Kashmir Districts: 04 April 2022 (Monday)

Ramadan Timing

Sehri Closing Timing Jammu Kashmir Districts: 04 April 2022 (Monday) | Day 02 Ramadan 1443 AH

Sehr Timing: 04 April 2022 (Monday) | Day 02 Ramadan 1443 AH

Srinagar: 4:52 AM

Jammu: 4:52 AM

Budgam: 4:52AM

Baramulla: 4:53 AM

Harmukh: 4:51 AM

Handwara: 4:55 AM

Bandipora: 4:54 AM

Islamabad: 04:50 AM

Karnah: 4:56 AM

Kulgam: 4:51 AM

Kupwara: 4:55 AM

Kud: 4:50 AM

Leh: 4:41 AM

Pahalgam: 4:49 AM

Pattan: 4:53 AM

Poonch: 4:54 AM

Pulwama: 4:51 AM

Sopore: 4:53 AM

Shopian: 4:52 AM

Tral: 4:50 AM

Tangmarg: 4:53 AM

Uri: 4:55 AM

Doda: 4:50 AM

Kishtwar: 4:49 AM

Ramban: 4:51 AM

Ramnagar: 4:51 AM

Reasi: 4:57 AM

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