Srinagar District State Land Encroachers List, Download PDF

Srinagar District state land List

The list of State Land Encroachers for District Srinagar has been updated by the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, where people can access all the details related to their lands.

More over the list is not final and will be updated.

List of Beneficiaries of Roshni Act/Encroachers of State Land

(Declared void ab initio by Hon’ble High Court)in PIL No:19/2011 pronounced on 09-10-2020)

  • Proforma A = Approved & Mutation attested thereafter
  • Proforma B = Approved but Mutation not attested
  • Proforma C = State land encroachment(recorded in revenue records,other than Roshni)
  • Proforma D = State land encroachment(Physically) but not shown in Revenue records(other than Roshni)

Click on the Numbers given in the Table below here to download the PDF in your Mobile or in Laptop.

( No. of Entries )
( No. of Entries )
( No. of Entries)
( No. of Entries )
135 Families PDF
2101 Families PDF30 Families PDF
342 Families PDF80 Families PDF
48 Families PDF1 Family PDF
54557 Families PDF1415 Families PDF

Moreover we will update this List in next few days and will add more families who have benefited with State land under Roshni Act.

The administration has made various sections in the list giving elaborate details of the land. Under Proforma A, details and list of land approved and mutation attested thereafter, has been provided of all the ten districts.

Under Proforma B, a list of land approved but mutation not attested have been uploaded. In Proforma C, details and list of state land encroachment (recorded in revenue records, other than Roshni) has been provided with name and survey number including the area. And under Proforma D, details of state land encroachment (physically) but not shown in Revenue records (other than Roshni) have been uploaded.

The list comes amid the ongoing anti-encroachment drive in Jammu and Kashmir, evoking sharp criticism from almost all the major political parties of the Union Territory.

It may be noted, the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh has declared the Roshni Act as null and void in 2020.

The Jammu and Kashmir state lands (vesting of ownership to the occupants) Act was enacted in the year 2001 with the twin objective of generating resources for financing power projects and conferment of proprietary rights to the occupants of the state land.

The act popularly called as Roshni scheme initially envisaged conferment of proprietary rights of around 20.55 lakh Kanals (102750 hectares) to the occupants of which only 15.85 per cent land was approved for vesting of ownership rights.

The scheme was finally repealed by the then governor Satya Pal Malik on November 28, 2018.

In 2014, however, the Comptroller and Auditor General had estimated that only Rs 76 crore had been raised from the transfer of encroached land between 2007 and 2013.