What is the total salary given to a staff nurse by JKSSB?

A Staff Nurse’s post is considered as one of the professional and highly intensive Jobs after the Doctor, other than major surgical procedures a Nurse performs all the works a doctor does.

Staff Nurse’s salaries vary as per department, different departments have accord different pay scales for a Staff Nurse in Jammu and Kashmir.

A Staff Nurse is of various types/levels such as:

  • GNM Nurse
  • BSC Nurse
  • Junior Staff Nurse
  • Senior Staff Nurse
  • Incharge Nurse
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Head Nurse

Pay Levels of a Nurse in Jammu and Kashmir

FMPHW Nurse19500 – 62000 Plus Allownesses
GNM Nurse25500 – 81100 Plus Allownesses
BSC Nurse25500 – 81100 Plus Alloenesses
Junior Staff Nurse25500 – 81100 Plus Alloenesses
Senior Staff Nurse35500 – 125000 + Allownensess
Incharge Nurse35500 – 125000 + Allownensess
Nursing Supervisor49500 – 135000 + Allownensess
Head Nurse72000 – 185000 + Allownensess
This Pay Scale is for GMC Srianagar and GMC Jammu and their Associated Hospitals

Salary given to a staff nurse by JKNRHM / JKNHM

The Pay Sacle for Staff Nurses by JKNHM is between 9000 – 16000 a month.

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