Why is #FraudNCBPetOfBJP Trending on Twitter

On the 9th of October 2021, the users on Twitter started trending Hashtag #FraudNCBPetOfBJP after Maharastra Minister and NCP Leader Nawab Malik released a video showing 2 BJP Leaders accompanying NCB officials while conducting raids on Aryan Khan and his friends.

Major Loopholes in Cruise Bust case

  • 3 accused let free by NCB. They were associated with BJP
  • Independent representatives appointed who are associated with BJP or have criminal records
  • No panchnama and documentation of seizure at “crime scene”

As per some of the reports Pratik Gaba, Amir Furniturewala and Rishab Sachdev ( Brother in law of BJP youth wing President Mohit Bhartiya) had invented Aryan to Cruise and promised him that he would get a VIP suit. This looks like a pre-planned set up to frame Aryan, said a Twitter user.

Out of 1300 on the cruise, 11 were detained and only Aryan is the highlight. Out of 11 detained, 3 were let go for BJP relations. Out of 22 NCB Officers, 2 were BJP private persons on the raid. Sameer Wankhede is Fraud!! shared a user on Twitter.

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