World looking forward to India’s Budget amid uncertainty in global economy: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said India’s Budget for 2023-24 will not only try to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the common man in the country but it will be a ray of hope for the world. Addressing reporters ahead of the Budget Session of Parliament, PM Modi said not just the country, but the entire world was looking forward to India’s Budget amid uncertainty in the global economy.
“The Finance Minister of our country is also a woman, she will present one more Budget to the country tomorrow,” he said. PM Modi said he has full faith that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will make “utmost efforts to fulfil these expectations.”
“Aaj kee vaishvik paristhiti mein bhaarat ke bajat kee taraph na sirph bhaarat ka lekin poore vishva ka dhyaan hai. Daamaadol vishva kee aarthik paristhiti mein bhaarat ka bajat bhaarat ke saamaanya maanavee kee aasha-aakaakshon ko to poora karane ka prayaas karega hee lekin vishva jo aasha kee kiran dekh raha hai use vo aur adhik prakaashamaan najar aae. (In today’s global situation, not only India’s but the whole world’s attention is on India’s Budget. Amid the unstable global economic situation, India’s budget will not only try to fulfil the hopes and dreams of the common man of India, but the ray of hope which the world is seeing should be seen more brightly,” PM Modi said.
In his brief remarks, PM Modi said the Budget session of the year 2023 is starting on a positive note with the voice of the economic world coming from all sides with a “positive” message, “bringing a ray of hope and beginning of enthusiasm.”

Modi said, “Today is an important occasion. The present President of India is going to address the first joint House today.”
“The President’s speech is the pride of the Constitution of India, the pride of India’s parliamentary system and, especially today, is also an occasion to respect women and to respect the great tribal tradition of our country who live in remote forests,” he said.
PM Modi invited members of the Opposition to engage in dialogue over policy-making during the session. “Under the Bharatiya Janata Party, there has been only one goal of the NDA government, one idea behind our work ethic: ‘India first, citizen first’.”
“Taking this idea forward, in this Budget Session, “Takraar bhi rahegi, lekin takreer bhi toh honi chahiye” (There will be confrontation, but dialogue should go on). I believe our friends in the Opposition will put their matters forward after careful deliberation,” PM Modi added. “Parliament will deliberate on policy-making and reach a conclusion that will benefit the whole country,” he said.

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