IAS Mohammad Aijaz is the new Civil Aviation Commissioner

In the interest of administration, it is hereby ordered that Mr. Mohammad Aijaz, an accomplished officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) belonging to the 2012 batch, currently serving as the Administrative Secretary of the Planning Development & Monitoring Department, with the additional responsibility of overseeing the Civil Aviation Department, shall also assume the role of Civil Aviation Commissioner.

Mr. Aijaz, with his extensive experience and proven capabilities, is deemed suitable to take on this additional responsibility alongside his existing duties. This decision has been made to streamline administrative processes and ensure effective management within the Civil Aviation Department.

Effective immediately, Mr. Mohammad Aijaz will be entrusted with the responsibilities of both Administrative Secretary and Civil Aviation Commissioner. He is expected to execute his duties diligently, ensuring smooth operations and promoting the growth and development of the civil aviation sector.

This arrangement shall remain in effect until further orders are issued. It is anticipated that Mr. Aijaz’s leadership will contribute significantly to the advancement of the Civil Aviation Department’s objectives and the overall enhancement of administrative efficiency.