JKSSB Supervisor Syllabus PDF 2024, Download Social Welfare Syllabi @ jkssb.nic.in

Unlock success in the JKSSB Supervisor exam with our comprehensive guide to the 2024 syllabus! Delve into the intricacies of General Awareness, where the UT of J&K unfolds its historical and cultural treasures. Navigate the linguistic maze in the General English & Comprehension section, mastering the art of narration and juggling tenses. Crack the code of logical reasoning and basic arithmetic in General Intelligence & Reasoning. Explore the scientific cosmos in General Science, from energy sources to environmental issues. Decode the digital realm with Computer (Application based), delving into MS Office wizardry and IT governance.

Finally, immerse yourself in the heart of the exam – the Specialization section. Unravel societal intricacies, gender inequalities, and human rights with our breakdown of each unit. This meta description is your passport to success, providing insights, strategies, and a roadmap for conquering every facet of the JKSSB Supervisor Syllabus. Prepare confidently, and let success be the melody of your exam day performance!

General Awareness with special Reference of UT of J&K20
General English & Comprehension10
General Intelligence & Reasoning10
General Science10
Computer (Application based)10

JKSSB Supervisor Syllabus PDF 2024 – Download Here

General Awareness – Discovering the Essence of J&K

Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Jammu and Kashmir’s history and culture. From the Constitution’s intricacies to the pulse of current national events, this section intricately weaves together the diverse threads that make up the Union Territory’s fabric.

Mastering the Language – Unraveling the English Maze

Dive into the linguistic labyrinth with topics ranging from tenses and jumbled sentences to the art of narration. Synonyms, antonyms, and the dance between active and passive voice await as you traverse the path of linguistic proficiency.

The Enigma of General Intelligence & Reasoning

Unlock the secrets of logical reasoning with a blend of basic arithmetic and intricate puzzles. Number series, coding-decoding, and the art of drawing conclusions are your companions in this cerebral adventure.

General Science – Navigating the Scientific Cosmos

Embark on a scientific odyssey exploring energy sources, nutrition, diseases, and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Dive deep into the realms of environmental issues, vaccinations, and the fascinating world of General Science.

The Computer Conundrum – Decoding the Digital Realm

Step into the digital arena, where the basics of computers and their applications come to life. From MS Office wizardry to understanding computer viruses, this section demystifies the world of hardware, software, and information technology governance.

Specialization – The Heartbeat of the Exam

Here lies the heart of the matter – the Specialization section. Journey through societal intricacies, gender inequalities, and human development theories. Explore the depths of human rights, social evils, and the interconnected web of growth, development, and welfare programs.

Specialization Units Unveiled:

  • UNIT-1: Society, Community, Association – 10 Marks
  • UNIT-2: Gender Inequalities, Human Development Theories – 10 Marks
  • UNIT-3: Human Rights, Women & Child Rights – 10 Marks
  • UNIT-4: Social Evils, Poverty, Climate Change – 10 Marks
  • UNIT-5: Growth, Development, Nutrition – 10 Marks
  • UNIT-6: Government Programs, Health, Welfare – 10 Marks

In this poetic symphony of knowledge, each section is a note, and your understanding orchestrates the melody. Let the JKSSB Supervisor Syllabus be your sheet music, guiding you to a harmonious performance on exam day.