Top 10 Kashmiri songs in 2022

Top Kashmiri Songs
Kashmiri Songs

Here we will share the top 10 Kashmiri songs which you would love to listen to in 2021, we have almost watched and listened to each and every Kashmiri Track composed and released in 2021.

Kashmir is famous for its beauty across the world, but you do not know that how beautiful Kashmiri melody is!

We have prepared this list of Top 10 Kashmiri songs on the basis of their views, likes, and definitely the composition.

1. Nigaaro – Kashmiri Sufi Song

Nigaaro is one of the most loved and viewed Kashmiri Song of 2019 on Internet,

with approximately 3 Million views and 41K Likes on YouTube.

Singer: Mir Iqbal


Lyricist: Gulaab Saifi Kishtiwari

Nigaaro Chaean Husnan
Karin Devaneh Keathyah,
Gameet Che Aashaq Falwah
Banith Mastaane Keathyah
Nigaaro – Kashmiri Sufi Song

2. Ride Home: Alif and Noor Mohammad

Ride Home has created a separate space in the hearts of both Kashmiri and Non-Kashmiri people, one can easily forget his stresses and worries after listing to this song.

basically this song is dedicated to the mothers, who sacrifice their whole life for the sake of their family.

This song has Approximately 2.7 Million Views and 48K Likes on YouTube.

Singers: Alif and Noor Mohammad

Written Composed & re-conceptualized : Mohammad Muneem Nazir

Produced by Ashish Manchanda & Aman Moroney

Direction & Editing: Ruman Hamdani

Che houv Kah wochum nai Wafa dar mouji
Could not discover anyone, loyal as you Mouji
Mein nish chaien chaie lavee samsaar mouji
For me your silhouette worths a universe Mouji
Ride Home – Mouji: Alif and Noor Mohammad

3. Dupte Nunem by Aadil Gurezi

Dupte Nunem is the first Kashmiri song which has crossed the mark 10 Million on YouTube alone.

This song was released in 2018 by a young college boy Aadil, Aadil’s song was loved by each and every listener.

It became one of the viral song of 2018, still it is one of the best composed Kashmiri song.

Rightnow Dupte Nunem has crossed 11 Million views and 69 Thousand Likes on YouTube.

Dupte Nunem, Dupte Nunem
Dupte neu nam Dal ki waav va nou, waav va nou
Dil lagun koata chi taava nou
Dupte Nunem – Famous Kashmiri song by Aadil Gurezi

4. Maharaza Ho – Remix Kashmiri Song

Maharaza Ho is also the most viewed Kashmiri song on YouTube, It was released in 2019.

basically this song uses high bass which provokes a listener to dance, it became viral on Facebook in 2019 and now it is one among the most viewed Kashmiri song.

This song has crossed 15 Million views and 55 Thousands likes on YouTube.

Singer: Sanam Basit

Maharaza HOO
Lool chiya son kan woliye
Ho lala Ho,  Lol chiya son kan woliye
Lalo zulaa zaliyo
Zulaa Karthi sarrsai makansai
Laloo Zula Zaliyoo – Kashmiri song

5. Tamanna – Kashmiri song by Yawar Abdal

Tamanna’ is a song based on the poetry of three legendary poets ‘Mehjoor’, ‘Mirza Ghalib’ and ‘Ameeri Khusrow’. This song defines some of the stages of ‘Sufis’ where they try to come out of this world and stop desiring for the materialistic world. The only thing they desire is the love of their beloved.

This is a multilingual song where you will get to listen the languages like Kashmiri, Urdu and Persian.

This song has crossed 7 Million views and 70 Thousand Likes on YouTube.

Singer: Yawar Abdal

Tamanna chani Deedaruk chimo yumbarzilai Bumburoo
Fajis ya mad lajis wuchnai
Karan Mahjoor chu Husn Gath
Wanan Yaras patoo Gath
Ye dil deewan gov chai path

6. Dilbaro Mashup Song

Dilbaro is one of the super-hit Kashmiri Mashup song, with high bass and Little auto-tune in the voice of Umar Nazir.

It became viral in 2019 among masses on internet due to its choreography and mixing.

This is has completed 3.6 Million views with 35 Thousand likes on YouTube

Singer: Umer Nazir

Dilabroo maai Dilas Kazgan galai
Aftab Royoo, Sheen Zan Galai
Mai dilai Chanai
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7. Salam E Wazwane

Since WAZWAN has its origin in Central Asia , This song is chosen to tribute and highlight world famous Kashmiri Wazwan.

This song has crossed 1 Million views and 8 Thousand likes on YouTube.

This song was released by AR Music studio in 2019.

Song : Salam E Wazwane
Singer : Rani Hazarika
Lyrics : Peer Zahoor
Music : Jaan Nissar Lone
Music Producer: Roop Mahanta

Salam E Wazwane - 
Tu Hangama Zamini ya Karamat Asmaa nai
Ki Bar Kashur Meharbanai Shawad Har 
Salam E Wazwane, Salam E Wazwane

8. Harmukh Bartal – Kashmiri Song

This song is dedicated to the love of Great “Yousuf Shah Chak” and “Habba Khatoon”.

This song can neither be replica of their eternal love nor reflection of their longing.

this songs recreates the situation of then Habba Khatoon and Yousuf shah chak’s Seperation, love and helplessness.

Video is about to cross 5 Million views with 40 thousand likes on YouTube.

Singer: Jaan Nisar Lone and Sniti Mishra

Harmukh bartal Zagai Madanoo
Yi Dophum tii lag hayoo
Sher daphum Golaab lag hayoo

9. Khan Mouj Koor – Raazi Movie

Dilbaro(Khan Mouj Koor is a song that perfectly sums up how precious a Father – Daughter relation is!

It is mix of both Hindi and Kashmiri language.

This song has crossed 160 Million views on YouTube with more than 7 lac likes.

Movie – Raazi
Singers – Harshdeep Kaur, Vibha Saraf & Shankar Mahadevan
Chorus – Ravi Mishra & Arshad Mohammed
Music Composer – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics – Gulzar

Bai chusai Khan Mouj koor, dui mai ruksaat mani boojano
Ungli pakad ke tune chalna sikhaya tha na
Mudd ke na dekho dilbaro

10. Hukus Bukus – Kashmiri Folk Song

Hukus Bukus is a 2017 Kashmiri Folk song, a mixture of Kashmiri poems and old verses.

this song has crossed 3.5 Million Views and 30 thousand Likes on YouTube.

Singer: Aabha Hanjura

Hukus Bukus telyi wan tsch kus
Onum Battoukh loddoum deygye
Shwaas Khichh Khichh waamano
Bramman zaaran Poyein chhokum

These are the songs we have chosen as the best to listen in 2020, if you think that there are other songs which can replace these songs, please comment below.

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